Monday, September 30, 2013

September Wrap-Up

Where did September goooo?! It seems like it just started and now here we are and it's practically winter. Actually I take that back. It's still going to get up to 87 degrees today.

via Buzzfeed's 35 Texas Secrets to Having the Best Summer Ever. WHICH IS 100 PERCENT ACCURATE.

Going Vegetarian
The first week was a little challenging because I had already done my grocery shopping for the week, and had a luncheon meeting scheduled for which I hadn't requested a vegetarian meal. But I made it work. At lunch, I just pushed my piece of chicken to the side and ate the broccoli and pasta, and they served a yummy black bean and pico soup to start. We also went to visit my parents the first weekend, and thankfully they didn't have a problem with my decision — my dad simply made salmon for dinner, and since I am still eating seafood, that was fine with me. My mom doesn't eat red meat anyway, so it wasn't a big deal.

Matt also said he doesn't mind if I mainly cook vegetarian, so I don't have to worry about cooking different food for each of us. While he's not interested in being vegetarian/pescatarian himself, he can get meat when he goes out to lunch or attends school events. I think I might still try to make meat for him on occasion (or at least buy meat so he can make it for himself). We'll see.

I have an awful lot to say about this topic, so I think I'll write a follow-up post soon so this doesn't turn into one long rambling post about food. :)

Completed: Day 20 of 90. (That is, assuming I only keep it up for the three months required by my Life List.)

Reading Challenge: Read Through the Bible in a Year
Less than 100 days to go! Still reading. Still a bit ahead. My goodness I love reading ahead. I'm plodding through Isaiah right now. Before our young professionals Bible study went kaput, we tried to study Isaiah for a couple of weeks. Everyone basically thought it was too boring and decided to study something else. Honesty is the best policy.

Completed: Day 277 of 362

Food Challenge: Sample Every Flavor of Bluebell Ice Cream
Oof, I tried a lot of ice cream this month.

Bluebell released a new flavor — Chocolate Peanut Butter — which, of course, I tried immediately. Now, I normally love anything chocolate or peanut butter flavored, and when you put those things together, you get Reese's, which are omgnom. But I was kind of lukewarm about this flavor. It had an unusual coffee smell when I opened the carton, and kind of left a weird aftertaste. If you love chocolate and peanut butter like I love chocolate and peanut butter, Butter Crunch is better.

Just as I had mourned that no store would ever carry Krazy Kolors again, I found an ice cream place that had it. So I tried that too. It was basically just vanilla ice cream, except that it turns your mouth funny kolors. I can see why it's not that popular.

at Must Be Heaven in Downtown Bryan

HEB ran an offer that if you spent $20 in the frozen food section, you could get a $5 coupon off your next frozen food purchase, and since I don't normally buy a whole lot of frozen stuff (other than veggies and frozen waffles), I opted to put some of that money toward Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream. I thought it was better than the last cheesecake flavor I tried (Strawberry Cheesecake), but Matt didn't like it at all.

Finally, Matt bought some Coffee flavored ice cream. He had been waiting for this moment forever. I hated it. He got the whole half-gallon to himself, and keeps asking when we can buy more.

Completed: 52 out of 69 flavors

Other Adventures
I revamped some old sandals into faux-designer shoes. I shared the rules to the most confusing card game in the world. We finally attempted part two of our kolache journey. Matt told me no, I can't go running with the bulls. And I participated in Blogtember (see my thoughts on Girls, college and hand-me-down mattresses).

What adventures have you had this month?


  1. I can't wait to read your vegetarian update, I'm glad that it sounds like it is going well!

  2. Where has September gone? You were really busy and I love reading all the updates!

  3. I'm still wondering myself where the month went! We celebrated our 3rd anniversary at WDW and I've fallen woefully behind in recapping our trip!

  4. Oh and that ice cream looks really funky and it's awesome that you accomplished so much in a month!