Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blogtember: "Girls" Makes Me Feel Old

I'm participating in Blogtember, at least when there's a prompt about which I have something to say. :) Blogtember is hosted by Story of My Life. Today's prompt: Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

Do you watch Girls? I don't. I've tried. I understand the point of the show, and Lena Dunham's other work — that when kids graduate college today, it's a lot harder to get a job, support yourself and keep up the standard of living you had when your parents paid for everything — but it just irks me to watch. I hate that they're so entitled. I'm only a few years older than the characters, but watching this show makes me feel like a crotchety old lady. I just want to tell them to make better life choices.

And why are they always such a mess? I mean, no one really has it together all the time, but is it that hard to run a brush through your hair before you go to a job interview or on a date? (That's all I could think about when I watched Dunham's Tiny Furniture.)

Yesterday, I didn't dry my hair. And I had a work appointment in the afternoon, so when I got home from tap class, I decided not to fight my hair's natural texture, and I curled it instead of flat-ironing it. And that was when I found my inspiration for this prompt.

Hey Girls girls! You DO know it's possible to see the back of your head when you're doing your hair, right?

My mom taught my sister and me that all you needed to make sure your hair looked nice all the way around was a hand mirror. And then you just turn your back on the big mirror, and hold up the hand mirror so you can see a reflection of your hair.


I thought that this was one of those things that everyone knew, but maybe I'm wrong? But it's so simple. And it prevents you from looking like a ragamuffin.

(I sound like my mother.)

Did your mom teach you anything that's stuck with you?


  1. My mom definitely showed me the mirror trick, too! And all kinds of other tricks, like blotting lipstick with tissue to make it last longer. (And lots of other non-beauty-related stuff, of course, but I haven't had enough caffeine to summon all that up quite yet!)

    I've never actually watched "Girls," but I have a feeling I'd react much as you have. Though I'm only 28, I feel pretty far removed from the plotlines I've read online!

  2. I've been doing the hand mirror trick for as long as I remember :)

  3. Girls makes me feel old too, and I'm pretty sure I'm the exact same age as their characters. I have a wall mirror that faces my mirrored medicine cabinets, so I just open the cabinets to angle them in order to see the back of my head. It's the best set up for hair straightening!

  4. Okay, first of all, that's awesome that you take tap dancing! You know this, but I like "Girls" because it's so different from my life. I'm always drawn to stories about spoiled, rich girls, so this is right up my alley. My mom taught me the mirror trick, too, and to always hold in my stomach (you can train your muscles to do it), sit like a lady, and never have more than three things on your plate at a party. All words to live by. :P

    1. Whoaaa, I'd never heard the three things on your plate advice! I'm usually one of the people who loads up their plate... oops!

    2. My mom is kind of old-fashioned. That rule reminds me of the scene is Gone With the Wind where Scarlett is getting ready and she has to eat before she goes to the party, so nobody will actually see her eat. :P

  5. Girrrrrrrrl - I hear you: I mean, no one really has it together all the time, but is it that hard to run a brush through your hair before you go to a job interview or on a date?

    This post ranks right up there with NEVER WEAR PAJAMA PANTS TO SCHOOL. :)

    Loved this post, too!!


  6. We even use the hand mirror + wall mirror trick in salons to let our customers see their hair from every angle!

    I can't stand the way tv portrays 20-somethings....they make us look like wasteful idiots for the most part. And sometimes that may be true, but it doesn't have to be true.

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  7. I use the hand mirror when I curl my hair (very rarely). My mom taught me lots of things that are handy. Recently, she's reminded me to convert as many recipes as I can into Crock Pot recipes. Always carry cash and a little kit for freshening up (including a comb!). And it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed for most things, except for running and hiking. Haha.

  8. Wait... they seriously portray girls like that? UGH. I would feel old too. I'm glad I don't watch that show now!

  9. Hahaha I loved this post. So true on so many levels! I watched the first season of Girls, and while I really wanted to love was just okay. As a woman in her mid-twenties, you can manage to run that brush through your hair haha, it's called time management!

  10. Ha! This is funny :) I did know this, but I had to teach it to my husband once when he wanted to see a bump or something on the back of his head. It was really funny watching him try to see some other way. My mom has told me SO MANY things. Yes, all caps because I'm shouting that in my head. My mom rocks.

  11. My mom totally taught me the mirror trick too, I just thought it was common knowledge!

  12. I've never watched Girls...No one taught me the mirror trick, I thought everyone just knew?

  13. I watched 20 minutes of one episode of Girls and just turned it off. I just totally didn't get it.

    I have yet to master curling my hair - I got some tongs for Christmas the other year, and I can do maybe two bits before it all goes wrong, and then I end up straightening it out of frustration. I need to practice!

    I never knew the mirror trick, but then I also rarely do anything super complex with my hair....