Monday, September 16, 2013

Take Me There: New York City

I'm starting a new series, inspired by the places I want to go. For each location, I will include five things I want to see, do, experience or eat while I'm there. And maybe someday I'll actually get to go do them. :)

I've wanted to live in New York City for years. Probably because all the best TV shows take place there. But since it doesn't look like a lot of aerospace engineering professor positions open in New York — well, they do, but only in places like Buffalo — I'll settle for just taking a nice vacation to the Big Apple.

See a show on Broadway
I've always wanted to see a Broadway show. I don't really have a preference as to which show — I'd be happy with almost anything! And now the timing couldn't be better: Matt's cousin* is currently one of the performers in Newsies, and I really really want to go see him perform.

Eat at The Little Owl in Greenwich Village
Because it's the first floor of the building that was filmed as Rachel and Monica's apartment building on Friends. :) And I would willingly go anywhere that was featured on Friends.

30 Rockefeller Plaza / Rockefeller Center
I would really like to go see a taping of Saturday Night Live, but I would also be happy with doing almost anything at Rockefeller Center: tour NBC Studios where 30 Rock was filmed, go to the art galleries, or go ice skating around their Christmas tree in winter. It's all good.

Picnic in Central Park
I'd like to get a meal from a food cart or a sandwich place, and then set up camp in the park. (I've heard mixed reviews about food carts, so I'd do my research first!) Also, it's required to do the "Phoebe run" while here.

See the Statue of Liberty
Whether it's up close or via water taxi, I'd love to see the Statue of Liberty in real life! I've heard the lines can get long, so I could give or take seeing the interior, but I couldn't miss seeing it, even if it's touristy.

What would you do in the city that never sleeps? Any other cities/states/countries you'd like to see featured?

*They're not officially cousins. Matt's mom has four brothers. Two of those brothers married two sisters. Those two sisters had two other sisters. And this cousin is the son of one of the other sisters. Confusing? Yes. So we just call them cousins.


  1. Oooh, I like this series idea! I'm dying to go to NYC (it's only three hours from here!) and I want to do all of these things!

  2. New York is a must!! You'll have a blast. I was just there. But I will be honest with you and for warn you that you may be disapointed with the Statue of Liberty! It's so small in person. None the less-still a great experience.