Friday, January 31, 2014

January Wrap-Up

I'm still accidentally writing "2013" every time I have to put a date on anything. When does that stop?

Food Challenge: Sample Every Flavor of Bluebell Ice Cream
I was a little afraid I was going to go the whole month of January without trying any new flavors, because HEB hadn't had any new ones since they welcomed all the holiday flavors. But the other day, while at Target, I felt the lure of the freezer section. "Just in case," I thought. And whaddaya know! A new, probably for Valentine's Day, ice cream called I <3 Chocolate. It was delicious. (I later found out that HEB had this flavor in pint sizes. I totally could have saved myself six dollars and all the sugar in that half-gallon. Argh.)

In addition, there's another new flavor on Bluebell's website — White Chocolate Almond. Bluebell, you are my Everest.

Completed: 57 out of 72 flavors

Food Challenge: Cook All The Way Through a Cookbook
I'm cooking through the "Bride and Groom First and Forever" Cookbook.

"Broccoli with Sun-Dried Tomatoes" — excellent. The tempeh I served it with — weird. (Matt ate a steak instead. I don't blame him in the slightest.) It's a huge bummer that this picture turned out kinda fuzzy because the broccoli was really nice. Thanks, Dad, for forcing us to eat our broccoli all those years, because now I miss it when it's not around.

Completed: 32 of 150

New Year's Resolutions: More Lipstick, Less Sugar, More Time With Friends
I commented in my resolution post that I had no idea how I was actually going to cut back on sugar, but then Janssen posted about limiting the times you eat dessert to certain days a week and holidays — but just the DAY, not the SEASON — and that way you don't have to waffle about whether or not you should eat that piece of cake. (Because obviously the answer is ALWAYS unless you have rules.) So I told Matt that I wanted to limit my dessert intake to only Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'm definitely doing better about not eating desserts mid-week, but the problem is that I'm now treating the weekends like I can binge on whatever I want. Four cookies at a social event? No problem. Two pieces of cake at a party, and then some jelly beans to wash them down? Whatever! This kind of defeats the purpose of cutting back. So maybe this isn't the best way for me to go about this.

I'm doing mediocre on the lipstick and friends resolutions too. We still haven't had anyone over for dinner.

Other Adventures
I failed at dyeing my hair blonde. I watched an old friend get married. We laughed over our celebrity freebie lists. We chatted about how often we go to the movies. I had a bicycling adventure. I shared some silly things I believed when I was younger. I told you what it's like to have a husband in his last semester of grad school. I acquired some new jewelry. I posted a super fun vlog about shoes. And I cleaned out our closet.

What have you been up to this month? Still hanging on to those resolutions?


  1. You've had a busy month! And I too am still finding myself writing 2013 on things.

    Also, I wouldn't say you failed at dyeing your hair blonde...technically you put blonde dye in it, and it looks great in the lighter shade you ended up with! :)

  2. You've had a very productive January! I've just been waiting for it to be over so we can move on to hopefully warmer temperatures and more sunshine :)

  3. how did i not know you were doing the ice cream challenge? so awesome.. and you're like the ice cream guru.. i love it :) i kind of want to do my own challenge... gotta think of something!

  4. You're tried 57 out of their 72 flavors of ice cream?? Dang.....that's hardcore!! You must be an ice cream expert by now!
    And broccoli is one of my top favorite veggies, love it!