Friday, January 24, 2014

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Closet

I have a friend who is considering becoming a Stella & Dot stylist, so last weekend, she hosted a trunk show for their jewelry and accessories lines, and I was really psyched to get an invite. I had never seen any of their jewelry in person, but I've followed fashion bloggers who either loved the line or were brand stylists themselves, and everyone raves about the products all the time. I was eager to see all the goods in person and get to try them on!

Isn't the packaging cute?!

The party was pretty cool because a lot of the pieces were laid out for us to play dress-up with, and the sales consultant/stylist showed us the different types of pieces and how you could wear some of the necklaces in several different ways. Plus there was cake. :)

I really wanted to buy a whole lot of stuff, but I kept my wallet in check and only got two pieces, the Soiree Stud earrings, and the Renegade bracelet. As seen on my BFF Katy Perry.

When I first saw the bracelet, I was a little worried it was going to be too edgy for me. But then I put it on, and then I put a lot of other bracelets on, and then I took all the other bracelets off except that one and wore it for the rest of the party, to the point that a different friend was afraid I was going to accidentally take it home with me.

But I didn't. This one's mine! (Along with a J.Crew bangle and some thin bracelets from Forever 21.)

The whole "arm party" thing has always been a trend that I've been kind of awkward about, but this bracelet makes me want to get on board! (P.S. Could we not think of a better idiom than "arm party"? It's just weird.)

From the second I saw these earrings, I loved them. And then I tried them on, and I couldn't stop grinning and looking at myself in the mirror, so I figured they were keepers. I don't have that many pairs of stud earrings; I have a set of triangle studs in six different colors that I got when I cut my hair into a pixie, since I figured studs would actually be visible with my shorter hair. (Most of the time, when my hair is longer I keep it down and straight, so earrings aren't that visible unless they're big.) I'm excited to have some glamorous new studs. Maybe now I'll actually style my hair so people can see them!

Hmph. My little point-and-shoot doesn't do them justice. 

I told my friend that when she becomes a stylist, I will be happy to throw a party so I can buy more goodies! Here are some other pieces that I loved and was sad to have to leave behind.

(both necklaces also come in silver)

That scarf is the first thing on my list. The colors were even more vibrant and beautiful in person!

Have you ever attended a trunk show? What accessories brands do you love?

P.S. No one paid me for this post. But if anyone wants to pay me in free jewelry and pretty scarves, I could be on board. :)


  1. Yay, so pretty! I almost always wear studs these days, too, since other earrings get caught in my hair. That bracelet is so much fun! I like to add one edgy element to my outfit sometimes, just to mix things up.

    1. It has a little heart charm on it, hidden in the spikes. That makes it feel a little more "me," lol.

  2. I've never gotten anything from Stella & Dot, but love online window shopping for them! Those are some gorgeous pieces :)

  3. I love Stella and Dot so much!! Definitely need a little more income so I can buy so much more of what I like!!

  4. Those studs are so cute! My hair is almost always in front of my ears, so there's no point in wearing tiny earrings, but I still think they are so pretty!