Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Pretty in Pink" is so Cliché

I know I don't normally do outfit posts anymore. In general, my clothes aren't that exciting. But I felt so pretty in my pink "suit" yesterday, I just had to take pictures.

Oh yeah, I got bored with my hair and cut bangs the other day.

Technically it's not even an actual suit. The jacket is from New York and Company, and the skirt is from Express, but the shades are SO close that I didn't figure anyone would notice that they're not identical.

And if they did, I don't care.

Jacket: New York & Co.; Skirt: Express; Top: White House Black Market; Shoes: Seychelles "Code"; Necklace: gift; Earrings: hand-me-downs.

I was going to a luncheon for my local chapter of the American Business Women's Association (of which I am on the local board), and every month the board agrees on a color for us to wear so that we'll be easily recognized if members or guests have questions about the organization.

This month, one of the ladies chose pink, and you guys? Pink is my favorite color ever. My sister makes fun of me because like, half the things in my closet are pink. And not really even baby pink or blush or medium pink. Hot pink. Hot pink is my happy.

(In fact, I had been looking for a pair of hot pink skinny jeans since colored jeans came into style. I finally got a pair the other day and I couldn't help but smile when I tried them on.)

What is your favorite color? What kind of outfits make you feel confident and pretty?


  1. You look so great in that suit! I can't believe it isn't even a matching set, it looks dead on the same colors.

    Pink is also one of my favorite colors to wear!

  2. You look amazing and I love your bangs! Pink is my favorite color, too, but I don't have that much of it in my closet these days. I just got some bright hot pink lipstick and wore it today for the first time to test it out. I think it's fun to step outside your comfort zone every once in a while, so yay for pink!

    1. How'd you like the new lipstick? I need to be more adventurous with mine, I tend to stick to the same three shades over and over.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I was a little worried I cut them too short, since it was a five-minutes-before-church kind of decision, but I worried for nothing haha.

  4. Love!! Such a great colour for you.

  5. I'm so amazed that those two didn't come together. They look like they were made for each other!

  6. Fuchsia is my favorite version of pink....but I'm not sure which color I have the most of in my closet! Probably a larger than normal ratio of turquoise and bright blue!

  7. You look amazing (as always) pink is definitely your color! Mine is green, I would be happy if everything I owned was green. And polka dotted.

  8. how clever of you for piecing this suit together, i'd never guess they were separates! And you definitely rock that hot pink so i can see why it's your happy place ;)

    xo marlen
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  9. You look great! Excellent outfit to share on your blog :)

  10. You DO look so cute in that pink suit! The only suit I ever wear is actually not a suit either - it's a combo of two pieces that just kind of look similarly :) Anyway, you look awesome. Great outfit to share with us!

  11. Hot pink is my favorite color, too! And I wear a ton of it, plus almost every daily accessory I have is in that color! You look too cute in your pink suit!