Monday, November 18, 2013

I Finally Have My Own Office!

I've showed you pictures of my office before, and also complained about how Matt and I both had our computers on the same desk. It drove me crazy that he could come in and move my work stuff or rearrange things, and that I couldn't do a thing about it because it was his workspace too.

Well, two weeks ago he finally moved his desktop computer over to his office at work, since the work computer wasn't running fast enough to support his research anymore, or something. So now I have the whooooole desk to myself!

And man it was dusty. First, I Swiffer-dusted the entire darn thing. A few times. It was pretty disgusting.

Then I got everything re-set back up, and made a few changes.

Like, now my cords aren't all over the place.

And now my space heater has its own little cave.

For storage, that is. I pull it out every day before I turn it on, and aim it at my feet.

And now my desk looks pretty.

It will look like this approximately 0% of the time. I put all my un-pretty stuff on the bed so as not to ruin the pictures.

Elliott's inbox is now next to my paper recycling box on the floor, and she likes to lay there when the space heater is on.

And because she is spoiled rotten, Elliott gets a SECOND, smaller inbox right behind my computer. I originally had her big inbox back there, but she refused to sit in it. This one is probably just wishful thinking, but she keeps walking behind my computer, so maybe she'll get used to it.

I blatantly stole Catherine's desk collage idea for my own. I picked images, advertisements, designs and quotes that inspired me, and bright colors for happiness. Some are things I printed off Pinterest, and others are torn out of Marie Claire and Glamour. (And um, the Shutterfly winter promo catalog.)

And a fortune cookie. (In bed.)

Yet another use for a leftover wedding pot! I totally want to fill this "bookend" pot up with little candies, but I have no willpower so if I did, I'd eat a pot of candy every day and would gain 600 pounds. So for now, I just put some of my business brochures in there. I'm not sure if I'll keep them there — it's extremely rare for a client to come to my house — but they make my office feel official. :)

Where I keep notes about current and past projects, as well as my per-project time log.

What would you put in the not-candy pot? What is your favorite thing about your workspace?


  1. Yay! I'm so happy you got your own work space! we are currently sharing, and it is difficult, since we're used to our own separate space. I can't wait to move and have my space back!

  2. Yay for your own office!! That was one of the wants higher up on the list when house hunting, an office space for myself. Unlike my cube in the office, my home space has a window which is one of my favorite things.

    1. I love having windows too! And being able to control the blinds when the sun starts coming in too strong!

  3. Yay, congratulations! And I love your wall collage. I update mine when I get bored with the pictures. I have my own desk in the office I share with Ryan, but it doesn't look as cute as yours. And I have a tin can, decorated as a vase by my little guy for Mother's Day, and I keep pens in it. I really want to decorate our entire office, but Ryan says it is his man cave, so I make do with my wall collage. :)

  4. I love your desk collage, I want to do something like that...if I had an office. Also, I love that you have a special place just for Elliot!