Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Got Slimed

Every once in a while, when I hand-wash clothes on laundry day, I like to put the drying racks outside. I feel like it helps the clothes air-dry faster, since they get air on both the top and bottom of the item, and also it prevents Elliott from getting into trouble. Elliott likes to crawl on the mesh racks and weigh them down, and she also likes to eat my sweaters, which are the pieces I'm most often hand-washing.

So on Sunday, I was doing my laundry, and I put the drying racks outside in the courtyard. It was a nice afternoon, and then it got cool in the evening. I brought the racks inside around 9 p.m., after it had already been dark for a while. The sweaters weren't dry yet, but I didn't want to leave them outside overnight. I figured I'd bring the racks into the laundry nook and let the sweaters keep drying.

I got my racks inside and saw some brown things on two of my sweaters. I assumed that some leaves had blown into our courtyard, and so I went to pick them off. And they were squishy. So I looked closer and they were SLUGS. ALL OVER. MY SWEATERS.

(Okay, there were only three or four of them, but I immediately began squealing and hopping around like a little girl. Yeeeeeeeuuuuch!!!)

I was busy squirming and shrieking and generally being a total pansy, so Matt got a paper towel and picked off the slugs and threw them back outside into the flowerbed. And after he got the last one out of the house he said, "I see a blog post about this in the future. It's too bad you didn't get a picture with the slugs."

Yeah. Too bad.

But I did try to get a picture of the slime trails. Because I love you guys. (Weirdest sentiment ever?)

It was next to impossible to photograph. Suffice it to say there were slime trails on both of my sweaters.

Euuuuch. Slug on our back patio yesterday. This picture is giving me the creeps all over again.

I threw the sweaters back in the wash. Screw hand-washing, I'm not touching slime. *shudder*

Do you hand-wash laundry? What makes you freak out?


  1. Eww, that would totally freak me out, too! It's so weird that they were attracted to your sweaters! We hung a clothesline in our backyard to dry towels and other things, especially in the summer. I love it then, because things dry in like 15 minutes. One of the boys had an accident on my natural fiber floor runner, and I washed it in the machine. You aren't supposed to do that, since it might not dry properly and could cause mildew, but I hung it outside in the 100+ degree sun, and it dried to a crisp in no time. Good as new.

  2. Yuck! I had a spricket jump out at me from one of the shirts I line dried and I freaked out. Like, crying and hyperventilating for twenty minutes freaking out. Bugs and clothes do not go together.

    1. I had to look up the word "spricket" because I had never heard it before!

    2. LOL, I had to look it up too. If one of those jumped out at me, I'd freak out too!