Friday, January 2, 2015

Let's Look at Pretty Dresses!

While we were in town over Christmas, my sister had scheduled two appointments back to back: one for her to try on wedding dresses, and another for my cousin Autumn and myself to try on bridesmaid dresses.

Now, because my sister is a fashion designer, she already had plans to design and sew her own wedding dress. She already had a box of fabric delivered to my parents' house and everything, but she wanted to try on a few dresses just to make sure she was 100 percent sold on the color she wanted (champagne) and the cut of the dress (strapless with an illusion-netting-and-lace neckline).

But for convenience's sake, the bridesmaids' dresses are coming from David's Bridal, so we trooped down to the mall with my mom, my aunt, my cousin, and the mother-of-the-groom. Before the appointment, Rachel had texted me photos of her two other bridesmaids who had tried on this dress, and as a decent-sized-chested lady, I had immediate concerns.

I mean, if Model McNoBoobs has a cleavage line…

Concerns like "where will my boobs go?" And the answer was "up by your chin" and "cups runneth over" and "you can see all the way to China in that thing" and "you can't wear that in front of all your relatives."

Thankfully, Rachel reconsidered and settled on this much better dress. It will be even better once it's fitted and I have on proper shoes to make me look tall. (But not taller than the bride.)

Except they'll be in that red "Apple" color, above. Autumn has cute hair. I need a haircut.

Gangstas gotta be able to get down at the reception.

Rachel also got to try on dresses, and the very first one she tried on was perfect.

Oleg Cassini by DB, but I can't figure out which one based on the website.

Thankfully, it is the same color of fabric she had already bought and a similar style to what she already had in mind. But we figured we might as well try on some more for fun, though none of them were quite as perfect for her as this color and fit.

My beautiful sister is getting marrieeeeddddd! *tear*

That night, we were having a Christmas get-together with my mom's side of the family. During Rachel's dress shopping, my aunt kept telling her that she was welcome to wear my aunt's wedding dress from 1993, and so after the Christmas gifts had been opened and dinner finished, she convinced both my mom and my sister to try on her 20-year-old dress.

The headpiece really sells it. Like they say on that Say Yes to The Dress knockoff … she's all jacked up.

Tell me about your mom's (or other relative's) wedding dress! Would you wear/have worn it for your own wedding? What's the worst bridesmaid dress you've ever had to wear?


  1. That dress looks great on you Allie! Always a bonus when you can dance as well. :) And way to go for your sister making her own dress!

  2. Why thank you. :) I know, isn't she a badass?!

  3. love the title of this post - umm.. i'll look at pretty dresses just about anytime :) and your sister - so gorgeous (even in the 20 year old dress!) excited to see how everything comes together at the wedding <3

  4. For the sake of brides everywhere, I really hope leg-o-mutton sleeves never come back in style... wow!

    Sounds like a fun day with your sister and family :)

  5. Such a fun post! All of you look beautiful and how fun that your sister and mom tried on your aunt's dress. I love your hair, too, by the way. :)

  6. It's going to be in November!

  7. I haven't been a bridesmaid in too many weddings, and thankfully all the dresses have been pretty cute. I even got to re-wear a bridesmaid dress to 2 different weddings! I really am not sure why you don't like the headpiece, though. I mean come on.

  8. Okay... this is making me want to get married again! Trying on dresses is so fun! And I love the bridesmaid dresses she ended up choosing - so pretty and a perfect fit for you!

  9. It's kind of a shame that brides don't pick horrible bridesmaids dresses anymore. What are we going to look back on and laugh about in 20 years?!

  10. Ha, I could get on board with the trying on dresses part, but my sister made a joke one time about designing my "next" wedding dress, and I was like "oh hell no, I'm never doing that again!"

  11. Haha I love that dress from the 90's is so funny!
    Melanie @