Monday, May 5, 2014

Etheria: The Fashion Show

Remember when we went to my sister's fashion show last year? Well, her senior show was last week, and this year she had her own entire collection to send down the runway!

She had five looks total in the show — four in her wedding gown/bridesmaid dress collection, and one separate look (a red jacket and skirt suit) that walked separately, during one of the previous six sections of the show.

These are the best photos I have of her suit combo, and that's a little disappointing, because it had a cool stud detail on the front and in the small of the back. (If you're inclined, you can see it closer up here.) The lighting made it really hard to capture photos this year, and in that regard, I felt like our seats were better last year, even though they were a little further back. But as for being right up close to the garments, you can't really beat three rows back!

I thought the top on the left was cute, very unusual.

I sat with Matt and my cousin (who came last year too), and she and I kept whispering about all the looks we loved and weren't so crazy about. Forgetting that we were in the VIP section, aka where all the senior designers and their families were sitting. Oops! But there were some unusual looks, like an 1800s saloon-girl/steampunk-style collection, and a collection of gothic wedding gowns, complete with black corseting in the front and inch-long spikes! They needed to be discussed!

The saloon-ish collection. The model on the far left was also wearing a teeny tiny hat on the side of her head.

I am totally in love with this swimsuit cover-up. I need it. Not that I go to the pool or beach all that often, but still.

My cousin and I loved this geometric-print collection.

I asked Matt to take video of the wedding section with the intention of taking photos myself, but of course my camera died the second Rachel's wedding collection came out. :( So here's the video of her collection.

Thank you for filming, Matt!

I started tearing up when her dresses started walking. They were just so pretty! I told her I wanted to get married again so I could wear the floofy one, before Matt reminded me that I hated planning my wedding and I don't actually want to do any of it again. :)

I'm so proud of her, and very glad that I got to come to this event again.


  1. !!!! That's SO amazing your sister designed some of the pieces, I can only imagine how proud you were. And I'm right there with you- that pool cover up is gorgeous. I'd feel like a swanky Hollywood star lounging in that one.

    xo Marlen
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  2. Oh my gosh, your sister made these?! Oh my gooooosh! She's so talented, honestly! Give her my greatest compliments because these are seriously astounding pieces. I can see why you would tear up... just lovely! :D

  3. Wow, those pieces are beautiful! That jacket is really stunning and such a stand-out piece. Huge congratulations to your sister!!!