Friday, October 17, 2014

The Remarkaballs

My first week of work, I found out that our office had its own community kickball team.

(That's because I was asked to design the T-shirts for the team. I told you my job was awesome!)

The season started in September, so I only got to play in a few games before our planned move, but it was a lot of fun, throwing back to elementary school! (I'm pretty sure that the fifth or sixth grade was the last time I played organized kickball.)

We won some of our games, and we lost some, too. We played other teams in the community, and some of them were like, crazy good. The highlight for me was during game three of the season: I made it onto second base during that game, which is basically a miracle because I almost always get tagged on the sprint to first base!

Most of the time, while our team was on the field, I ended up playing outfield. Which was perfectly fine with me, because the ball rarely made it as far out as I was. I am not particularly good at throwing, or catching! I'm always afraid the ball will hurt if it hits me!

When was the last time you played kickball? What games did you like when you were a kid? And does your office have any fun extracurricular activities?

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