Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's "real" in that I really can't mow my own lawn

This post originally written on 9-14-14, with edits.

When Matt left for Virginia, he left behind most of the things in our shed, including one of those reel lawnmowers. You know, the kind that you're supposed to be able to just push around the yard, and the blades spin as you're pushing, and it chops all the grass down.

(I say this, but I didn't know what a "reel mower" was. I kept thinking he was saying "real mower" and I was like, dude, all lawnmowers are real! So there's that.)

I think it's obvious from the above statements that I had never mowed my own lawn before. But with Matt gone, and the photographer coming to take house photos the next day, I thought the lawn was looking a tiny bit shaggy and decided to try my hand at mowing for the first time.

Oh, those reel mowers are AWFUL! I spent maybe 20 minutes struggling to get the thing to go, and in that time I got maybe, maybe a third of the lawn mowed. And I also got the beginnings of some thumb blisters, and about 30 mosquito bites, because it rained the last two days.

When I noticed the mosquitoes swarming around me, I said screw it, threw the push mower back in the shed, and texted a dude friend to come mow my lawn for me.

I tried, ya'll.

My friend came and mowed the lawn the next morning, and he likes to tell people that his yardwork is the reason our house sold on the first day. Curb appeal, man.
I mean, who WOULDN'T want to live here?

Do you do your own yardwork? What chores are you the worst at?

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  1. I am terrible terrible at cleaning the bathroom. I HAVE mowed before, though. My favorite chore is vacuuming. Which is weird, but I love it.