Monday, October 13, 2014

All Byyyy Myyyyyselffffff

I guess there's no harm in telling you I'm not at home, since our home officially belongs to someone else now. (Or it would if the realtor would stop making excuses for the closing date being pushed back.) For the next few days, I'll be doing a lot of driving as I road trip across the country with a drugged cat in the backseat.

(The vet says tranquilizers will take the edge off. We'll see.)

So begins day one of our trip to Virginia. (Well, my trip to Virginia. Matt officially moved out there over a month ago, I'm just not in the habit of announcing that I'm home alone.)

Obviously, I won't have a lot of Internet time, if any, over the next few days as I drive up to pick up Elliott-boo from my parents' house and start the 17-hour drive, so I'm going to start posting some of the things that I've wanted to say over the previous month that I wrote down and wasn't able to share.

My precious boo! Sober, and also traitorous for only being a lap-kitty for my mom. But I missed her fuzzy face.

First things first, though. We do have a home in our new town! When Matt and his parents moved the basics up to Blacksburg, they spent their first full day in town looking for a place for us to live. I was working that day, but I kept getting text messages and e-mails on my phone filled with pictures of potential rentals. They visited five places, but the second townhouse was a clear winner. Garage, washer/dryer included, central heating and air, in a nice neighborhood? He deposited the deposit, paid the rent, and moved in three days later. Done and done. We never thought it would happen that fast.

All he had with him was a desk, a recliner, and an air mattress. (Well, that was all the furniture, anyway.) So I'm sure he'll be glad to have a real bed again, and some legit places to sit. Oh, and perhaps his wife back. :)

If you had to live for a month with only three pieces of furniture, which pieces would you pick? Got any tips for driving cross-country with a cat?


  1. I've driven cross country with my cats 8 times! Here's the best advice that I have for you. Buy one of these: in size Large. It was literally the best $30 I have ever spent on my cats. This "kitty tent" as I call it, is big enough for two cats to lay down, and to have a full size litter box setup inside. This will be a savior, and give your cat plenty of space to move around during the trip. It also buckles onto the seat using the seat belts so that it doesn't move around much when you're driving and making turns. Also, I've never had to drug my cats to travel, so you may want to try driving for a few hours without using the drugs, just to see if they are absolutely necessary. My cats were a little noisy and anxious for the first hour or so because they thought it was a vet trip, but after that, it's like you didn't even think they were still in the car. Good luck to you!!

  2. Todd had a sofa and loveseat set when he moved to Florida and for the first year the sofa was his bed (then we moved in together). It was an upgrade since the house he rented in Louisiana was too small for even those (so they were in storage) and he slept in his recliner. Granted, it's a big recliner, but still! Safe travelling!

  3. So excited for you! Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip.

  4. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvOctober 14, 2014 at 12:35 PM

    This is so exciting! I hope the drive goes fast for you. I've driven cross country with a very nervous dog. I talked to her a lot and took a lot of breaks. Drugs helped too. For the dog, of course :) Best of luck and have fun exploring your new home.

  5. She's normally pretty good on short car trips (3-4 hours), but I was worried about the longer time since we planned on driving 8-10 hours per stretch. She was very well-behaved the first day, but I think she got freaked out on day two when she was back in her carrier and we were still going!

  6. Oof, can't imagine you could get a good night's sleep in a recliner for nights on end, no matter how comfy!

  7. Thank you! We made it, so that's good. :)

  8. Thanks Katie! It was a long trip, but we did it in two days. Elliott looked so hopeful every time we stopped for a bathroom break or to fill up on gas! Poor thing. She is very glad to be out of the car, as are the rest of us. :)

  9. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvOctober 16, 2014 at 9:26 AM

    Good to hear! Welcome to your new home :)