Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Wrap-Up

I have nothing to say except that July was pretty eventful. I … um … had a birthday?

Challenge: Sample Every Flavor of Blue Bell Ice Cream
Only one new flavor this month: we finally tried Mocha Madness! I was nervous that it had already been phased out, since HEB stopped carrying it a couple of weeks ago, but when Matt was at Wal-Mart picking up stuff for our camping trip, he stumbled across a half-gallon of the stuff and scooped it up. And I've gotta say, for someone who is not a coffee fan, I quite liked it. Coffee ice cream, with pecan bits, chocolate chips and caramel swirls. Mmmm.

Completed: 65 out of 77 flavors

Challenge: Cook All The Way Through a Cookbook
I'm cooking through the "Bride and Groom First and Forever" Cookbook.
Whole Roasted Garlic
I normally buy garlic in a big tub, pre-minced, because it's way easier to just scoop out a teaspoon than mincing it yourself. So it was kind of a surprising discovery when I made Whole Roasted Garlic, mashed it up and spread it onto a baguette a la bruschetta and found … that fresh garlic makes your breath STANKY. Holy cow. But the bruschetta was delicious, so I'd say it's a win, even if no one wants to come near us.

Completed: 40 of 150 recipes

Healthy Living: "De-Stressing"
Over the last 30 days, I managed to "de-stress" (ie. work out) … I think it was 10-12 times? Miraculous. That includes time spent on Pilates videos, going hiking while camping, biking, a thigh workout/date at the ice skating rink, and our regular walks around the neighborhood. 

I also wanted to show you my cool new running shoes! They're pink! And they don't hurt my feet!!! 
I'm really excited about them; I had been wearing my GoWalks instead of buying proper athletic shoes, and that always made Matt nervous when I wanted to go biking or anything. So now he is happy, I am happy, and my feet are happy. (The first time I wore them, I actually ran for the better part of a mile without stopping! So obviously these shoes are MAGIC, because I am not in that good of shape.)

Other Adventures
We talked about the worry dolls we had as kids. We started an herb garden, wrapped up part of the kolache trail and I finished Matt's Christmas gift seven months late. I talked more about Citizen's Fire Academy and the top 10 things I learned that could save a life. I switched my commenting system over to Disqus (and I will reply to comments on that next month for those who requested I let them know how I like it). I shared the apps I've been crazy about lately. I was brutally truthy about being self-employed and starting a new office job. And we chatted about cleaning out our closets.

How is your summer going? Anyone else surprised it's basically almost over? (I say that as far as like, having teacher friends going back to school and stuff. Summer in Texas lasts all year.)


  1. I love your ice cream flavor goal! So creative!

  2. I love that your goals included both fitness frequency and ice cream tasting: very balanced!

    July flew by so fast, I'm definitely looking forward to a calmer August :)

  3. Mocha Madness is one of my favorites!! My Matt says he doesn't like coffee ice creams either, but he'll eat it. We're working our way through the Magic Cookie Bar, and every time we have Blue Bell dessert I always mention how y'all are working your way through all of the flavors. So impressive!!

    When you finish, we'll take y'all to the Blue Bell factory to celebrate. Because I'm sure more BB ice cream is EXACTLY the way you'll want to celebrate.

  4. I love your new runners! I could definitely use some new ones too! And so cool that you're cooking through a whole cookbook. Such a fun idea!

  5. Thanks! I thought I'd be further along by now though, since I've been at it for over a year...

  6. Haha, the fitness was necessary after so much ice cream!

  7. Sounds like a great plan! I am surprised I'm not totally sick of it yet. But last week, Matt brought home some other brand that isn't real common here, and we both agreed that Blue Bell = best. :)

  8. I heard from a friend a few years ago that running shoes are only meant to go a certain number of miles, and I forget what she said, but after they cross that mileage threshold, supposedly they start causing foot problems? Which explains why my old ones hurt my feet so much...

  9. I'm confused. You didn't know garlic makes your breath smell? I thought this was common knowledge... Anyhoo, YES it does make your breath smell. But it's good. I have this recipe for garlic potato soup that is SO GOOD. Like, yum.

  10. Well, umm… I *knew* but I eat the fresh stuff so rarely, and the garlic that comes pre-jarred basically doesn't make your mouth feel smelly 'cause it's packaged in water or something, so it was just kind of surprising… *embarrassed*

  11. Ha! Don't be embarrassed. I guess I'm just used to it because Jordan LOVES garlic and would put it on everything if he could. I used to get the stuff in the jar, but then I got a garlic press at a Pampered Chef party a few years ago and have never looked back. Fresh garlic is the best.

  12. I know I need new shoes when I start getting blisters and my knees hurt. Every. Time.