Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Feet Hurt

A year and a half ago, back when Matt and I were training to run a 5K, I was having leg problems. My knees and shins would hurt when I would run, so I invested in a pair of insoles with a higher arch to support my feet better in my running shoes, per a recommendation from a marathon-running co-worker.

After that, my feet feel great whenever I'm in my running shoes*. But, whenever I take them off, my feet hate me and continue hurting on and off for a few days. Mainly when I wake up in the morning and am standing normally.

The Culprit

I would have just put my old insoles back in and gone on my merry way, but alas, I think I threw them away, because they are nowhere to be found.

Because I was jumping around like a loon the other week with all the church kids — and these are my only athletic shoes — I've been wearing them more regularly than I have since I finished the 5K and promptly never ran again. My feet hurt all the time.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

*They're New Balance and they did say "Running Shoes" on the original insoles, so I know they should be fine for say, standing still and telling children what to do.

P.S. I'm not willing to buy specialty athletic or running shoes. I only go to the gym like once a month and that's pretty much the only time I wear them. I've also had New Balances in the past and never had any problems until I decided to pretend to be a runner.


  1. When you say your feet hurt, what hurts specifically? The one thing that comes to mind is plantar fasciitis since pain seems to be worse in the morning. Here's an article for you:,7120,s6-241-286--6710-0,00.html

    The most likely culprit probably are your shoes. Shoes are constructed differently depending on what activity you want to use them for and depending on how people's feet strike the ground. Getting fitted for running shoes doesn't mean automatically mean that you'll be paying hundreds for new shoes. But a good running store can help you figure what type of shoe might serve you best. Pretty well every brand will make different tiers of shoes that will do the same thing.

    Anyhow, I don't think there is anything you are doing wrong. If plantar fasciitis does sound like what you have then start looking into stretching to help sort the problem out. I think rolling your foot on a tennis ball can help a lot too. If you decide to try running again then definitely get fit for proper running shoes. They don't have to be pricy, but they will help your enjoyment and help keep you injury free. Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions or need advice!


    1. Thanks for responding Leana! That does sound like what I have. I don't plan on doing any more running (I really didn't enjoy it), but I may look into getting new shoes or insoles just for gym wear. I'll give those stretches a try!

    2. Okay that tennis ball thing is amazing. My feet already feel like a gazillion times better!

  2. Hi Allie! I just bought new shoes in the hopes of starting to run (I find it boring as well). I bought mine at a running store and they did mention how the shoes are only good for so long - like 300 miles or so. I'm not sure how far you've gone with them but that might be it too. I hope the hurting goes away!

    1. Thanks for commenting Diana! I had no idea they had an expiration date! I doubt I've run anything like 300 miles, but I have had them for several years, so maybe it's just time for some new ones.