Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Daydreaming About Future Houses

I thought I was totally alone in daydreaming about the things I want in our next house, mainly because Matt isn't one to complain when something is bothering him. But the other night, he commented, "I'll be glad when we move and we can have a bigger closet." Yes! Hallelujah, more closet space! Of course, now that I know Matt is thinking about our next place, I feel like I can go crazy dreaming up what I want in our future, likely-permanent home. Living in our current place has made me realize several things that I would love to have in future spaces.

Bigger Closet Space (and Closet Doors!)
Right now, Matt and I share a closet. I have the bigger half since I have more stuff, but plenty of his clothing has migrated into my side simply because there's not enough room in the small half. (Also, he stores a lot of his insulin pump supplies on the shelves in the small half because he can reach the tall shelves and I can't.)

Our current closet doesn't have a door. Our master "suite" is open, laid out like this:

So while our clothes are hidden from wandering eyes, they're not exactly locked up. And Elliott has a bad habit of chewing up sweaters and cardigans, so basically we have to lock her out of here all the time.

Built-in Bookshelves
We have one bookshelf in our house. We really don't have wall space for any more bookshelves, but I seriously need more than one. Especially because both Matt and I have kept all of our field-relevant college textbooks and notebooks, and I'm basically a book hoarder. In addition to our one (clearly overloaded) bookshelf, I've got books in and on my desk hutch, and both Matt and I have fairly tall stacks on our nightstands.

I would love to have a wall of built-in bookshelves, or even just a wall big and blank enough to put a lot of bookcases against. Like a tiny library. Maybe in my future office.

A Dedicated Office Space
I work from home. Right now, my office also functions as a guest room and Man Cave whenever baseball or football are on TV. Plus Matt's computer is on our only desk as well, so we have to share. I would love to have a space — no matter how small — that is only mine. It doesn't even matter if it's a room; even a nook would be fine!

(Also, I'm thinking I might want to get rid of the hutch. I can't make up my mind.)

If you could change your current place, what would you want to add? What features would you have in your dream house?


  1. Wall to wall built in book cases are a dream of mine as well. Quite a far off dream because you don't get those in New York. :( Reason 323 I know we have to leave New York one day.

  2. I love this! I'm constantly thinking of what I want in our future house and one of those things is an office space. I would ideally like a room big enough to have a desk for my work computer and a separate sewing table so I'm not constantly having to take down my work computer to put up my sewing machine.

    1. That's a good one! I don't do a whole lot of sewing, but it would be nice to have a desk large enough (or clear enough!) that I could use part of it for my scrapbooking stuff — then I wouldn't have to spread out all over the living room for a week at a time!

  3. Aaron and I have been renting the same space for over two years now and it absolutely drives me crazy! Although its a two bedroom house, only one room has a large closet that we share. The worst issue is the fact that we only have one bathroom. We are constantly getting in each other's way in the mornings!

    1. How annoying to only have one! My last apartment was 2 bed/1 bath, and a tiny bath at that!

  4. ooh what if you painted the hutch some fun color (or white?) and changed up the knobs a bit? That might be a good in-between; it'd only cost a couple bucks for paint and hardware.