Friday, August 16, 2013

How's This For a Small World?

I knew that I wasn't likely to keep my wedding dress around forever. I'm kind of attached to it, sure, but there really weren't any good reasons to hold onto it. I didn't want to wear my mom's wedding dress when I was old enough to get married, so it's likely any future daughters won't want to wear mine either. I don't like keeping things that aren't useful or enjoyable (and who can enjoy a wedding dress crammed in the back of the closet in a garment bag?). So I made the decision to sell it.

I listed it in a few places, including my local Craigslist, and then pretty much forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from a girl we'll call A, inquiring about the dress. She found the listing and was interested, but she wanted to try it on first. And by the way, she inquired, am I by any chance Allie? Because her family has been friends with my in-laws forever, and A's mom thought she recognized me from the picture.

Of course, I told Matt about this, and he told his mom, and we all thought it was CRAZY! Because "forever" is a pretty accurate statement. Matt remembered going to visit A in the hospital when she was born. We invited A's parents to our wedding. Matt's mom and A's mom have known each other for literally, at minimum, a quarter century.

She came over to try on the dress, but ultimately decided to go with another one. That's okay. I thought it would have been cool if she'd bought it — like keeping it in the family! — but I hope she's happy with the dress she chose and that she has a wonderful wedding.

Have you had any "small world" moments lately?


  1. That is a very cool story! I love Craiglist connections. We sold a rug last year, and when a couple came to look at it, my husband recognized the guy as his co-worker. They bought the rug, and the wife is a baker, so now I hire her to do my boys' birthday cakes. Have you sold the dress yet? You have no desire to keep it for sentimental reasons? What about a Trash the Dress photo session? I have always wanted to do one, but my mom had my dress preserved, and that would break her heart.

    1. That's too fun! I love it when coincidences like that happen. The dress has not sold yet. I wouldn't say I'm in a hurry to get rid of it or anything, but I just don't see a need for it anymore, and it could benefit someone else who needs a dress and doesn't want to/can't pay a ton of money for one. I think a Trash the Dress would be really fun, but I don't know what I would do with those pictures if I had them either! I'm just too practical for my own good. :)