Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flying Lessons, or Does Anyone Have an Airplane We Can Borrow? :)

We have a friend who used to be a flight instructor. Now, he's a pilot for private airplane owners. A while back, he told Matt he would like to swap services — he would like to receive drum-set lessons, and in exchange he would provide flying lessons. The only caveat: Matt would have to find a plane to learn on, because this friend no longer has planes at his disposal with which to train people.

Matt was excited about the prospect of learning to fly a plane, but had kind of accepted that since we don't know anyone that has their own plane, that it might not pan out.

And ... well, I typically don't like flying, but I think if I were offered free airplane lessons, I'd just have to get over my fears of falling out of the sky*, and jump on that chance. I mean, how many people actually get the option to do that?? It would provide some great stories.

If you were offered flying lessons, would you take them?

*Matt is studying aeronautics, and he says that planes can't just fall out of the sky. But what else do you call turbulence?


  1. I took some flight lessons in school but had to drop them because taking a full course load and working almost full time didn't leave much time for studying how to fly. :)

    My company offers reimbursement for flight lessons and hopefully soon I'll be able to take advantage. Flying is amazing.

    I used to be a flight test engineer and it was the best thing ever. Turbulence just adds excitement. And remember if a plane's engine dies it just becomes a glider. It won't just fall out of the sky. :)

    1. Heh, good to know! And wow, that's so cool that you've actually gotten to take lessons! And amazing that it's even company endorsed!

  2. That would be awesome if you could fly a plane! I think I would be nervous to learn, but it sounds like an amazing opportunity.

  3. I would be terrified to fly, too many stories of crashes in small planes for me, but for someone into the idea it sounds awesome!