Monday, January 28, 2013

Things I Did This Weekend

Tried spaghetti squash for the first time.

I made this recipe from Skinnytaste. The first bite tasted like actual spaghetti. Each subsequent bite tasted less like spaghetti.

Ate pizza for three meals.

Discussed an awesome book with my book club.

Bought this fantastic orange purse.

From Charming Charlie, but you can't shop on their website. It looked more coral in the store, but it is actually what my mom would call "fire engine orange." I love it.

And this awesome lace blazer, thanks to a gift card from my mother-in-law.

Side note: wedding ring is at the jewelers since one of the little diamonds was getting loose, everything is fine!

Watched ridiculous movies with a good friend.

FINALLY talked to someone at Home Depot about replacing the upstairs countertop, and then began despairing: a) my capability to do a self-installation, b) the lack of funds we have to order custom new countertops since of course it isn't the standard size, and c) that apparently I'm the only person in the world this countertop paint didn't work for, d) the sales guy thinking I'm tacky because I want to replace the existing laminate countertop with a new laminate countertop because why wouldn't I want marble instead.

Watched way too many How I Met Your Mother re-runs.

How was your weekend?


  1. My parents always got cultured marble counter tops from a place in Austin (Austin Countertops) for our bathrooms. They can customize it all you want and it is on the cheaper side of counter tops. The one for my old bathroom at my parents place was under $200 my mom says, and I think they look super nice.


    2. Okay, haha I don't know if you want this info, but 3 years ago the total for my bathroom one was $137 and it was a longer single vanity and we picked it up and installed it ourselves. They are heavy, though.

      I have no idea what home depot costs, but it will give you a good cost comparison for whatever you decide to do.

    3. Thanks, that actually is very helpful! I'll check it out. How difficult was it to install yourselves? Home Depot said we could get the countertops for around $150, but if we wanted someone else to install it, there was a $400 minimum.

    4. It isn't that hard, but because they are heavy then it would be good to have extra help on hand (*cough*Chi*cough*).
      This video might help you decide difficulty.