Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stairway to Heaven

Matt and I share a closet. Up until the other day, when he graciously swapped sides with me, I had the smaller side. (He lived in our house first, and his stuff just stayed put when I moved in.) All of my accessories — scarves, belts, purses — lived in these plastic tubs crammed under the hanging clothes, and I couldn't ever see anything that I had. It meant a lot of my favorite things never got used, since I would forget they were buried under everything else.

Then I found this image on Pinterest:

photo by Mikkel Vang / via Real Simple

And I just knew a ladder would solve my accessory problems!

Matt and I went to Lowe's and got two six-foot wooden planks and two round wooden dowels, and then he cut them down to size and got to assembling!

Once it was all screwed together, I sanded it down so things wouldn't snag on it.

The whole thing got a coat of gold spray paint, and when it dried, I taped up the edges and rungs and painted the interior edges a beautiful rich acrylic blue!

Two coats oughta do it!

And voila! It's gorgeous!

Everything is right in the closet world again.

Picture taken prior to swapping sides. Now all my stuff is on the right. And I have a whole top shelf devoted to shoes! I love it.

A better view of the colors. My sister had to talk me into going with the gold. I kept flip-flopping between gold and copper, but now that I can see it, gold was definitely the right choice!

How do you store your accessories? What's your favorite thing about your closet?


  1. what an incredible idea!


  2. I love it! I looks so beautiful and the colors are perfect!

  3. This is so cool, I really like the addition of the blue with the gold!

  4. That's a pretty awesome way to store accessories, I must say! I certainly don't have room for something like that in my closet but I'll have to keep it in mind for the future!

  5. This is amazing! It turned out so well. Now I'm trying to figure out where something like this would look good in our room!

  6. Ooo...I love this. Quick question...where does that door go to? It isn't the way out of the closet, right? WHich then makes me think your closet has two doors?

    1. Haha, nope! It goes to the attic, which we only go into like twice a year. (We don't have much attic space, so it mainly just holds our Christmas stuff!)

  7. I love this idea! When B and I get more space, I need to make one of these! - Erin from A Wife of Material