Monday, August 13, 2012

She Sells Seashells By The Sea Shore

While we were lounging on the beach in Corpus, I came across the perfect shell by the edge of the water. It was beautiful, and I decided impulsively to take it home. Immediately, Matt found two other shells he liked that were very similar to my perfect shell, and insisted we keep all three of them.

To a normal person, this is no big deal. But I have a problem, and it is that I really don't like clutter and don't get attached to "stuff," and random shells for which we have no purpose do not sit well with me. I'm not even sure why I thought I might want to keep the first one, because it is so unlike me. But we brought them home and I searched Pinterest for something to do with them so they wouldn't just sit around collecting dust. I found this, and I thought it was cute:

via Curious Sofa, no longer available for purchase

But the shells we have were significantly smaller than these, so I decided to frame all three together. I found some old scrapbook paper I got for Christmas a few years back and a 5x7 frame half-price at Hobby Lobby.

Nothing in our house is really nautical or beachy-looking (because uhh we live in central Texas), so I wanted to put it in a small space so it wouldn't dictate any other decor choices. Soooo ... into the upstairs bathroom it goes!

Now I'm actually glad we saved those shells, because this new arrangement makes me happy. That bathroom a tiny space and all we had before was this TP-cabinet and a fake plant. The shells give it a little extra oomph. (I've thought about prettying the cabinet up with something else inside, but the room is literally smaller than a closet, so no one ever sees it. And Matt likes to shop at Sam's and we get three years worth of toilet paper every time he goes, and we've gotta store it somewhere.)

Do you like picking up souvenirs on trips?


  1. I love those types of souvenirs - small and more decor-y than touristy. To an uneducated eye, it looks like a tasteful seashell display, but to you, it reminds you of your trip to Corpus! Love it!

  2. Very cute! I love little decor pieces like that that are meaningful!

  3. I think the display looks great! What a nice reminder of your trip.