Friday, August 10, 2012

Life List Addition: Random Acts of Kindness

I've decided to add a new goal to my Life List. One year, for my birthday, I would like to do a random act of kindness for every year I've been alive.

I found the idea on Pinterest here, as well as here.

I used to be better about doing community service, and I like the idea of bringing joy to other people's days, especially on a day that's traditionally devoted to your own happiness.

Things I think I would like to include:
• Pay for a stranger's lunch at a restaurant or in a drive-thru line.
• Hide dollar bills inside books at a book store.
• Deliver bottled water to outdoor workers.
• Make cookies for our local firemen.
• Deliver treats for the staff of both local libraries.

Obviously that is not nearly enough to meet my quota. :) Luckily I have (at least) a year to come up with more ideas!

What random acts of kindness would you include?


  1. What a great idea - I love it! Corey and I have always wanted to randomly give a 100% tip at a restaurant (obviously probably a relatively cheap one!)

  2. I think this is a great idea! I read about a guy that did something like this for his birthday (I think he was giving out money to drivers that passed by). I really want to do the first think on your list.

  3. The church we used to go to in Houston used to put together "grace bags" that included bottled water, a variety of snacks that didn't need refrigeration, and a list of local resources for the homeless. They would give them away at services for a $5 suggested donation, and I would say I've probably given out 10 or so since they started. I've been thinking about putting together my own since I don't have access to them anymore - the people I've talked to never expect it and are always very grateful.

    1. That's really sweet! I've thought about doing something like this before and never have.

  4. I had a random customer at work give me a Spoons card that was full, so Travis and I got free yogurt! It would be easy for you to do something like that, since so many businesses here have punchcards. :)