Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Commercials I Saw While Watching Sports

I have watched A LOT of sports on TV this week. Between eight hours on a sports network-endorsed charter bus traveling to and from Arlington, visiting family during the U.S. Open, and Matt watching a few more baseball games since we've been home, I've seen so much sports coverage that Matt owes me about three days solid of E! and VH1.

Anyway, though these various TVs were constantly broadcasting Sports Center or golf or recaps of baseball games I don't care about, I did see a few new commercials that I thought were fun.

Granted, I saw this at 1 a.m. on a bus, but my tired brain I thought "Oh snap!" :)

I like the premise behind this — having always liked Peanuts — but I think it kind of makes the insurance guy look like a jerk, even though he's touting a service price that's actually really good. I think they could have spun the "5 cents" premise in a more positive way, so Lucy and Charlie Brown could get on board with the actual price instead of trying to undermine it.

I really liked this one! I think it is clever. Just goes to show that all of us may want to have adventures, but sometimes taking the leap is literally just too scary!

Have you seen any good commercials lately?

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