Monday, June 18, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

A few weeks ago, Matt won tickets to a Texas Rangers' baseball game from a local radio station. The prize included not only two game tickets, but food vouchers, two hats and T-shirts, and a ride from College Station to Arlington and back on a a Fox Sports Southwest-sponsored charter bus.

The game was Saturday, so we headed up to the Ballpark in Arlington to see the Rangers beat up on the Houston Astros. The bus dropped us off a little early, so Matt wanted to walk around the ballpark for a while. From the second he walked through the gates, he had the biggest grin on his face; it was like seeing a kid light up on Christmas morning as he took in the smell of ballpark food and the sight of thousands of other fans. "I think this might be my favorite place in the entire world," he told me.

A hot dog, garlic fries and a half a Diet Coke later, and I still couldn't decide where my favorite place on earth would be. I think I'm just always happy to go wherever it is we're going, and maybe I don't have a favorite place. Or maybe it's something silly, like how I couldn't wait to fall into my own bed at 1 a.m. because it's really hard to nap on a bus.

The Rangers won, of course. It was a really good game. Then we loaded back onto the bus for the long ride home, back to the best bed on earth.

What is your favorite place?


  1. That sounds like a fun time! I don't know if I'd pick a baseball game as my happiest place on earth, but I know wherever that is, there's probably garlic fries in my happy place!

    1. Haha, I know! They were so good!

  2. What a nice radio contest win! I don't think I have a favorite place, although Vegas may be up there with the amount of times I have returned there. I really just enjoy any place that gets me out of the normal day to day.