Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hundreds of Unwanted Roommates

For a little bit, I was convinced that both me and my house were falling apart at the seams.

It all started about a month ago, when I noticed some sugar ants hanging out on our kitchen counter. I sprayed 409 on them and watched them die, but new ones kept coming, and they were hanging out behind one of the outlets in the kitchen where I couldn't get 'em. So we called in the exterminator, who sprayed the kitchen and the exterior of the house. Problem solved.

Except not, because about a week later, they had migrated to the pantry. I freaked out and called the exterminator again, and the receptionist told me it'd be about a week until the guy could come out again. In the meantime, she said, I'd need to remove everything from the pantry.

So I piled all our foodstuffs on the kitchen table, and the ants were sorely disappointed that their dinner had been stolen from them. AND THEN THEY GOT THEIR REVENGE.

Suddenly, there were ants EVERYWHERE.

They were hanging out on our bathroom vanity. They were in the shower. They had hidey holes in windows and by doors. And I started to panic.

I was 1000% positive that if you took a sledgehammer to any wall in the house, you'd find ants behind it. And we are going to be having six people staying with us next week. And I thought, if these ants aren't gone by then, I am just going to die of embarrassment.

When the exterminator finally got here, he couldn't believe they'd spread so far and wide. So he pretty much poisoned our entire house, and the ants really seemed to like whatever he put out, because they were out in swarms all over that tasty, tasty poison. But now it's been a couple of days, and everything is finally back in the pantry, and the only ants I've seen are either dead or look like they really wish they were dead.

I'm a little afraid to start feeling normal again, because I keep expecting the ants to pop out somewhere new and unexpected, but I'm praying that this time the problem is really solved. I don't think I can deal with any more bug-related stress.

How has your week been going? Any happy, fun stories?


  1. Those little pesky ants get on my nerves! In our apartment they were coming in through a little hole in the light switch that was on the wall to our balcony. I hope your problem is done for good!

    1. Thanks! The exterminator suggested we do a lot of caulking in the next few weeks for the future, but there are sooo many places they could get in from!

  2. Ugh, I hate finding bugs in the house! When we lived in College Station we had a huge problem with bugs - so, so awful!

  3. Ugh, sugar ants are the worst. We had a small invasion of them at our last place, but I Raided the heck out of them right away, which really worked. Another thing you could try is getting peppermint oil extract from the bakery aisle at your grocery store and mixing it with water in a spray bottle and spraying around outside your doors and windows. Sugar ants hate the smell of peppermint, and won't cross over anything sprayed with it. Of course, you have to re-spray when it rains, but it's a cheap, non poisonous way to keep them out.

    Good luck and I hope they don't come back this time!

    1. Great tip! I didn't know that. I was scared to use Raid too much since I didn't want Elliott to get into it!