Thursday, January 26, 2012

My New Toy

For Christmas, I asked my mom for a composter. They didn't have them in stock at Lowe's, and she's not very Web-savvy, so she forgot to order it until after Christmas. Now, at the end of January, I finally have it in my hot little hands!

I've always really like the idea of composting items that would otherwise go in the garbage. So much is packed into landfills every day, that even biodegradable items take MUCH longer to decompose than they would under normal circumstances. I just want to do my part to eliminate as much waste as possible! (If you're interested in doing the same, check out the great blog My Zero Waste. It's got a lot of practical information on ways to recycle items you wouldn't think are recyclable and products that are green.)

So far I lurve my composter. In like three days, I've crammed it full of wilted produce, egg shells, coffee grounds and dead flowers. The unfortunate thing is ... in like three days, I've already crammed it full. Because it's small, it's supposed to be used primarily in the kitchen, and then the innards are supposed to be added to a larger, outdoor compost pile once it's full.

Now, I don't really have much of a yard, so I don't have a way of making a larger composting pile. (Even if we had the space, our neighbors take care of a lot of feral cats, and I don't want the kitty-boos hanging out in my trash.) But, I have a friend who gardens and has her own large composting pile, and she has volunteered to let me dump my scraps in their pile. Hooray!

Do you compost?


  1. As a 'composter' does it do anything to help speed up the process, or is it more just a container to put the organics in until you put them in the big pile?

    My parents have always composted, and it doesn't seem to attract the neighbourhood cats (although the bears enjoy sniffing through it). Just make sure not to put meat in it!

    I've thought about getting a worm bin, as we're in a condo and have no garden. You keep the worm bin inside and the worms turn it into useable soil all in the one bin.

    1. It has charcoal filters inside, but otherwise I don't know what makes it a composter vs. just a bin. If it doesn't attract the cats, I may have to see if I can make a small pile fit somewhere in our back "rock garden"! I hadn't heard of a worm bin, but that sounds cool!

  2. I've been interested in composting for a while now! I think this is great! :)