Friday, September 23, 2011

TV Talk + Married Up With Wine Guest Post!

Everyone else is talking about fall TV, so I might as well jump on that train too.

I watched New Girl on Tuesday and LOVED it. It was cute, funny and well-written, and I really enjoyed watching it. I also watched 2 Broke Girls, and just thought it was okay. I gave Up All Night a chance, but got bored and turned it off.

Truth is, we aren't really watching many of the new shows in the fall lineup. We already watch a LOT of TV — most of the time slots our DVR can handle are already taken. We try to only watch shows that we really enjoy, and with our current lineup chock full of great shows, there wasn't much room or desire to add more.

But, I'm really excited about the returns of my favorites! How I Met Your Mother's premiere was EPIC. America's Next Top Model is already ridiculous (though the jury's still out on how much of Tyra's ridiculousness I can take). The two new episodes of Modern Family were awesome, as always.

But you want to know what show we're REALLY into right now? Well, you'll have to head over to Married Up With Wine to find out. :)

Have you watched any of the new shows in the fall lineup? Which ones did you like?


  1. We've watched our old favs and some new ones. Tried 2 Broke Girls and I agree, it was ok. My husband was not a fan.

    New Girl was cute and we thought Up All Night has it's funny points. Somehow we had time to try out Ringer and liked it enough to add it to the lineup. I enjoyed Revenge and we have Person of Interest still on the DVR.

  2. Up All Night was very disappointing. 2 broke girls is okay, and since it shares a recording hour with something else I will continue to record it. New Girl has potential at this point. The old favorites are still better than anything new this season. <3 Modern Family/Big Bang/HIMYM <3.

    Also, I have watched every single Glee episode and I still don't get it. If Sue wasn't in that show I don't think I could stomach it.

  3. @Lauren, I wanted to see Ringer and just never got around to adding it to the DVR! Might have to watch the ep online.
    @Jessica, I finally stopped recording Glee. I just couldn't handle one more second of terrible writing and inconsistent plotlines, no matter how good the music was.