Monday, September 26, 2011

Hard As Nails

For some reason, I never got into the Ooooh let's paint our nails! thing in high school or middle school. I've had a manicure exactly twice in my life — for my bridal portraits, and for my wedding.

Recently, something shifted. I've gotten really into painting my nails. I had to go buy some polishes, since I only had about six.

And now I want to do all sorts of cool things to my nails.

What's your favorite nail color or style this fall?


  1. Ahh me too! I liked them here and there in middle school, but I didn't buy many. Recently I bought like 10 revlon ones cause they were $1 or $2 and am loving the variety and options.

  2. For some reason I don't paint my finger nails that often, but I do love painting my toes. Mainly in the summer months when I'm wearing flip flops. I tend to stay with the gold and purplish hues.

  3. I've recently gotten back into painting my finger nails too, although I went years and years without doing it. For fall I'm loving all the graphic options you can do with some tape and a few layers of contrasting colors!

  4. I am totally the same! I got a manicure for my wedding, and then for most of the summer I had polish on my nails, and crazy stuff too! Dots and stripes and big glitter (I splurged on a bottle of Deborah Lipman glitter polish. YUM.) I haven't had polish on for a month or so now, and I've noticed my normally strong nails are quite chippy. I wonder if so much polish damaged them?

  5. I love love love having my nails painted, but it's so hard to maintain that I don't do it often!

  6. @Lauren, ooh same, I HATE not having polish on my toes. But they don't chip as often!
    @Heather, I've wondered about that too, mine used to be more brittle when I painted them more often, and then I went a few years without painting them at all.