Thursday, July 28, 2011


Right after I moved into our house, I had several giant boxes set to go to Goodwill. I like to get rid of things often (I call it decluttering, my husband calls it crazy). We have too many pasta scoops? Into the Goodwill box they went. These clothes don't fit anymore? Goodwill will find someone they will. For about a month, everything we didn't need anymore for our joint household went into those boxes.

While these boxes where getting fuller and fuller, our church sent out an e-mail announcing its annual rummage sale. Everyone donates their stuff, and the proceeds from the sale help reduce the church's debt. Win-win! I took my boxes to the church instead.

Only now, about a month later, I'm wondering what all was actually in those Goodwill boxes. A friend of mine was talking about a bachelorette party she's hosting, when I had a stop-in-your-tracks moment. Oh my goodness. Did any paraphernalia from my bachelorette party end up in that Goodwill box? Is some sweet old lady going to sort through that box and pass out upon the sight of a phallus in the church?

I'm horrified. I can't remember what I did with any of that stuff. I really hope it is just in a drawer or box somewhere I haven't looked yet, along with the three ruffle shirts I'm missing. (How did I lose THREE ruffle shirts? My sister claims she doesn't have them. Do we believe her?)

Have you ever donated anything embarrassing?


  1. Hah! I haven't ever donating anything embarrassing, but I can totally imagine myself doing that!

  2. I am laughing so. hard. Oh goodness, that would be amazing if you donated phallic materials to your local church. Ha!

  3. i have your bachelorette stuff.