Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Opinions, Please

You guys, I need a ruling.

I have been waiting anxiously by the door all day for my Zappos shipment to come in, and after tearing through the boxes, I must now weep over all the shoes that don't fit.

Except! Except!

One shining beacon! Beauty, thy name is Heaven on Earth.

These are easily the most stylish, highest heels that have ever graced my feet. (Seriously, and I regularly wear four-inchers.) And I ... have no idea how to wear them. I feel like I should be in a montage in an Anne Hathaway movie where they take the frumpy fashion sense-less girl and make her into something Meryl Streep could be proud of. I'll admit it, the reason I'm having such a hard time with my fashion posts is that I really don't have a very extensive closet. Ya'll have already seen a good chunk of my summer clothing. I'm entirely too uncool for these shoes.

Should I keep them, or return them? If you owned these, and were putting together an outfit, what would you wear them with?


  1. Keep them! I'd wear them with a cute, summery dress, probably. They're gorgeous!

  2. Statement shoes like that don't need to be overly dressed up! Even just some nice jean shorts and a white-T, maybe with a matching nude woven belt would look amazing. Everyone's eyes will be drawn right to the hot shoes.

    Or, do you have any black crop pants? They would look great with those too! Or a dress, like Amanda said. So many possibilities!

  3. a pair of white day shorts. with a fluttersleeve top. or a sundress in a light color. nude shoes look great in white or pastels. or a pair of skinny capris, and wear a white button down untucked and put a dude belt around your waist.

  4. Love them! you can wear them w/ anything girl. You can wear them w/ those white pants, or jeans or whatever.