Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nothing to Wear: Partial Week 6

Lookee here! Hubs agreed to start taking pictures, and they look LOADS better than my crappy MySpace-looking shots! Hooray! You can see my accessories clearly! You can see my shoes! I am SO EXCITED!

Dress: New York & Co.; Jacket: White House Black Market; Earrings: Target; Bracelet: borrowed from my mom; Ring: Charming Charlie; Shoes: Yellow Box from Zappos

My sister and I steal each other's clothes all the time. She told me one time I needed to get a pair of white jeans, and I kind of scoffed at her. Why on earth would I wear white jeans? Turns out, she had bought a pair that she didn't wear much, so I borrowed them. They've been in my closet for over a year, so I guess they're mine now. I like them a lot.

Top: Maurice's; White jeans: White House Black Market; Shoes: White House Black Market; Belt: Came with a dress I got at Macy's; Bracelets: Charming Charlie; Earrings: Hand-me-downs from my sister

Do you ever borrow clothing from your family members?

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