Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still Mooing and ... Delicious!

A few weekends ago, some friends of ours invited me and Matt over for dinner. On the menu: fresh, homemade sushi!

Aaron had pre-prepped the rice, and he showed us how to slice all the veggies and fish, and use the rice and seaweed paper to get a nice tight roll. Then we started crafting: some classic sushi rolls and some we made up. :)

Philly Roll

Texan Roll

Mmmm caterpillar rolls!

Yes. I, the self-proclaimed eater of all things "dead," ate raw fish!

Made-up Roll!

We had sooo much sushi for four people, and it was all delicious. We stuffed ourselves silly while the Mavs beat the Heat. Good night all around!

What is your favorite kind of sushi? Have you ever made your own?


  1. Yummy! I had a party like this once. By the time we were done making them, we were stuffed. Everyone kept eating a piece every time they made a roll.

  2. We did that at first too, before we realized we would be too full to actually eat if we kept at it!