Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life List: Leave the Country and Eat Weird Stuff

On Saturday Matt and I got home from our honeymoon. The trip was AMAZING. We spent a few days in Fort Lauderdale, then boarded a cruise headed to Key West, Grand Cayman and Jamaica!

In the hubbub of moving and unpacking, I have no idea where I put my camera cord, so I apologize for the lack of pics in this post, but I promise I'll do a full recap over on Weddingbee soon. In the meantime, I wanted to talk about a few Life List things I completed while on the trip!

First of all, I had never left the United States prior to this trip. Leave the U.S. and visit the Caribbean, check!

Second, you know how I like trying weird food. I took a sociology class in college where we talked about the different types of travelers — people who are completely comfortable trying the food where they are and who revel in new experiences; people who enjoy branching out once in awhile but don't mind sticking to what they already know; and finally, those who do NOT like to experience things they don't know.

As far as food goes, I'm pretty adventurous.

Since all our food was provided on the cruise (and if I didn't like something in the dining room, they'd just bring something else!), I took the opportunity to try a few new things!
  • Escargot — I know, the thought of eating snails is strange! Matt was visibly grossed out when I ordered them, but hey, I probably wouldn't have risked trying them and disliking them if I had to pay for them at a restaurant. Escargot wasn't bad! The snails arrived already out of their shells, and resembled mushrooms (which I LOVE) both in looks and texture. They were a little bland, but I'm glad I tried them.
  • Octopus Salad — This was something Matt actually ordered, then passed off to me because he didn't like it. I can't say I cared much for it either. The octopus was really chewy. You could also see the suckers on it, which freaked me out a little. Oh well.
  • Veal — I know this is just beef, but I had never tried it before and was a little nervous, but one of the other diners at our table recommended it, so I took her advice and gave it a try. Mmmmm! It was tender and yummy. I probably wouldn't order it regularly, but it was nice for a fancy evening out.
Do you like trying strange foods?

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