Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Someone's Got A Hit Out On My Self-Esteem

A few weeks ago, I got laid off from my job. It was pretty out of the blue, but I'm doing okay. I have been keeping myself busy and looking for something else to do when I grow up.

What I wasn't expecting, though, was for my self-esteem to take such a massive blow. I've had a job — sometimes multiple jobs — since I was 16. I had never been terminated from a job. I didn't realize it until this week, but I totally equate my self-worth by my ability to bring in money.

Even though I'm actively looking for full-time work, I find myself less motivated and staying in my PJs way longer than I would on a typical day. Frankly, I feel crummy if I don't get up, shower and get cute. So I have decided that I am going to make an effort to get up and wear something cute every day, even if it's just for my cat.

Sweet Elliott-boo. And my sister's evil cat, Audrey, creeping in the corner.

I went to TJMaxx and Maurice's* this week to get a couple of new shirts — how is it possible that I had no cute non-work outfits?? — that I can layer and feel good in. And I promise I'll start posting pictures every once in a while so you can hold me to it! I hope this will make me feel more confident, and up my productivity as well.

What gives you a confidence boost?

*Yes, I felt guilty for going shopping while having no full-time job. But Hubs is nicer to me than I am to myself, and didn't let me beat myself up about it.

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