Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[A] Muse

As part of her event-planning class this semester, my sister has spent the semester working on her college's spring fashion show, which showcases the work of the juniors and seniors in the fashion design program. In addition to all the work she's done behind the scenes in the music and fundraising groups, Rachel also designed a piece that was accepted into the show — a wedding dress!

(I know, I can't believe my sister can design and sew wedding dresses. Where was this talent when I was getting married?)

So she's been talking about this show all semester, and naturally we had to go see how the whole thing turned out! I had never been to a fashion show before, and I have to say, it was basically the coolest thing ever.

We got there a little early for some delish hors d'ouevres and so we could get some good seats. (I am still thinking about the olive tarts days later. Someone needs to come to my house and make those every day.) I think we succeeded — we were only six or seven rows back from the front of the T-shaped runway, and had a great up-close view of all the outfits!

After a brief word from the professor, the show got underway. There were eight sections, each with a different theme, like tailored pieces, bridal collections and things you could wear on vacation. Some of the designs were a little out there, but there were a LOT of pieces that I would have bought straight off the runway if I could have.

There were over a hundred looks going down the runway, so most of the time the models went two at a  time.

Also, my sister's roommate was one of the models in the show. She is studying fashion merchandising, but I think she could probably have a career in modeling if she wanted to. She was really good at it.

She's the one on the right.

Rachel's gown was in the last section, and it was worth the wait. It was gorgeous and the fabric looked silky and soft. I'm so proud of her.

And after the bridal section, the show was over. The models all came walking out, clapping like they do on TV!

We headed back into the lobby to meet up with Rachel and get dessert. I may have eaten way too many cookies.

Rachel, me and my cousin Autumn

We had a blast! I can't wait for next year — Rachel will be a senior and will have her own collection going down the runway.

Have you ever been to a fashion show?


  1. What a fun event! Your sister's dress is lovely!

  2. That looks like it was so much fun! I've always wanted to go to a fashion show (we did a prom one in high school but it was just amateurish and weird); so cool you have a fashion-y person in your family!

    1. You should definitely go to one if you ever have another chance!

  3. How fun! I am so glad you linked up with Friday's Five! Hope to see you back this week.

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