Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Didn't Know There Was More Than One Way to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Because we're ridiculous, this is an actual argument that took place in our house the other day.

I was going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and Matt said he wanted to make one too, so I said that was fine, we could share the knife and cut down on dishes. He put peanut butter on his piece of bread, and I did the same.

And then he took a spoon out of the drawer.

Me: "Why do you need a spoon for peanut butter and jelly?"

Matt: "To get the jelly out of the jar."

Me: "No, you use the knife to get the jelly out of the jar."

Matt: "But then you get peanut butter in the jelly jar!"

Me: "No, you wipe the knife on the clean piece of bread, so there's not peanut butter all over it, then it's good for the jelly jar. Using a spoon only dirties more dishes!"

(I try not to dirty up more dishes than necessary, because Matt's in charge of dishes, and I am a nice wife.)

(But then I jammed the wiped knife into the jelly jar so he couldn't argue no mo'.)

So I'm curious: do you use a clean spoon to get jelly? Or do you use the same knife as you did on the peanut butter? What's your favorite type of jelly? Do you and your partner have different ways of doing the simplest tasks?

(Normally we buy squeezy jelly so this isn't a problem. But my $50 grocery budget wasn't stretching enough for squeezy jelly this week. I won't make this mistake again.)


  1. I use a fork to get the dog food out of the can, and my husband uses a spoon, which I think is SO RIDICULOUS. We divide the can into quarters -- how can you make a straight line with a spoon??? Anyway, I'm with you. I don't eat peanut butter and jelly, but I can't imagine ever getting out two utensils for one sandwich!

  2. My goal in life is to minimize the number of dishes I have to eventually clean and put away (Brian says its my German desire for efficiency showing itself), so I agree 100% with you. I think men are just born with a gene that causes them to dirty two times the number of dishes as they actually need. Clearly, this is an issue with us as well.

  3. Yeah, E always uses up more dishes than I do.

  4. I make pb&j exactly like you do. You win :) lol

  5. I'm on your side. Knife to extract jelly, and yes there's probably a little bit of peanut butter in the jelly jar, and it's okay. :)

  6. This cracked me up! I use a knife, but I do jelly first and then peanut butter. Chris does peanut butter first.

  7. Whyyyy dirty more dishes than needed! Heck, usually we make PB&J on paper towels, just to not have to wash a plate!

    Also, I always add a 3rd ingredient, I usually make butter, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Knife goes in all three, unless we have squeeze jelly!

    1. Ha! I totally make sandwiches on paper towels when Matt's not around just so I don't have to do dishes!

  8. I use only one knife and wipe it off before getting the jelly out. Ryan has to lick off the PB first, which should mean a new knife. Should.