Wednesday, September 25, 2013

These Last Twenty-Four Hours

So remember wayyyy back in May when I went to my sister's fashion show? (Me neither, apparently.) I remember at the end of the show, the attendees were welcomed to a reception where there were lots and lots of cookies, and I may have gone into a cookie coma. And I remember distinctly that there were these AMAZING olive tarts. I thought, I've gotta remember these tarts, because I am so going to re-create this at home.

And now it's four months later, I don't remember what those tarts were supposed to taste like, and I spent like, four bucks trying to re-create them to no avail last night. And I don't really like the way the new ones taste because cream cheese is gross, and Matt doesn't really like them because he thinks olives are gross. Anyone want some appeteezers?

Cream cheese is mixed with sage. I tried mixing it with a lot of different spices, and this was the best combo. I still don't like it.

On top of my cooking fail, we also had a minor flooding incident this morning. In that our refrigerator decided it hates us and started gushing water all over the floor (which Elliott LOVED). And then Matt opened the freezer and found out that a lot of water poured in there too, and had already slightly solidified. And I used about fifty jillion of our homemade rag towels trying to sop up the mess, and every time I put them in the wash they fray a little more and I have to spend like an hour clipping away the tangles so they can be used again.

Note to self. I'm supposed to remember to turn the water off before I leave the house. Must clean floor under fridge too.

Also, my iPhone deleted a bunch of stuff from my calendar when I synced it yesterday, so I'm pretty sure I'm missing something important right now.

On a high note, I "facilitated" my first class on campus last night — I'm leading Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance, and we had a better than expected turnout! And by that I mean ... one person registered in advance, and two showed up. I'll take it! :) If I can help even a single person to understand the value of saving and not going into debt, I'll consider it a success.

And we belatedly got a chance to watch Monday's How I Met Your Mother, and I kind of love the mother, even though a) I'm not entirely convinced of her and Ted's chemistry, and b) WE STILL DON'T KNOW HER NAME. UGH.

What's going on in your world?


  1. Oh no, sorry for all the mini-disasters! That is very awesome about the class, though. I think they are teaching it at the church where my boys go to school, because I saw a sign for it. I could never get into that show because the premise drove me nuts, but I'm curious to finally see who the mom is!

    1. They did announce at the end of last season who would be playing the mother, and it's actress Cristin Milioti. We just haven't gotten to see a lot about her yet!

  2. I hope the second half of your week goes better! I managed to lock myself and the dog out of the house last night and had to wait for my husband to get home from work to let us in, it's just one of those weeks :)

  3. Oh no! I hope your weekend is great, after the week you had! At least the olive tarts look yummy? I'd totally just eat the olives off the top :)

  4. Oh man, it's so disappointing when you try really hard to make something that ought to taste good...and it just doesn't. I have to say though, I'm of the camp that believes that olives are gross. but some of my sisters will eat black olives by the canful.

  5. I love black olives but I don't think I'd like them on top of tarts... I have finally gotten back into HIMYM and I'm interested to see how things work out although I'm skeptical of having the entire season focused on this one weekend. I hope your water troubles are over!