Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blogtember: Three Months

I'm participating in Blogtember, at least when there's a prompt about which I have something to say. :) Blogtember is hosted by Story of My Life. Today's prompt: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

To be honest, I have too many ideas. The good thing about my job as a freelancer is that I pretty much have as much freedom to go places and do things as I could want or need. The bad news is that I really don't take advantage of this, because as awesome as working on a beach in Barbados or in an Italian cafe sounds, plane tickets ain't free. But let's assume for a few minutes that money is no object. I would consider doing lots of things.

I'd go live in a country like Spain or Italy or Portugal and soak up as much of the culture and environment and language as possible.

I'd drive from state to state until I'd knocked all the states off my Life List. There are plenty of adventures to be had in my own country! (I've already been to Hawaii, so it's good I wouldn't have to drive there, heh.)

I'd serve people however I could, whether it be somewhere across the world or in my own backyard.

I'd go to culinary school. Just because I like cooking and I would love to improve my skills and be more confident overall.

I'd go somewhere secluded and beautiful, and just write. Maybe the next great American novel. Maybe my memoirs. Maybe just miles and miles of lists. (Hey, I yam what I yam!)

What would you do with three months?


  1. I love your picks! It's so interesting to see what people have chosen! Definitely culinary school - that's a good one.

    How did you become a "freelancer". I've always wondered how people fall into that job. :)


    1. I officially got my start while I was still working a full-time job. A friend from journalism school posted on Facebook that her company was looking for freelancers, and I said I was interested. It was just for fun then, but when I got laid off — and subsequently quit another job I hated — I started pursuing finding my own work much harder! You can read the whole back story here
      and my one-year anniversary of self-employment here.

  2. Ooh culinary school sounds amazing! Never even thought about that. And you are so lucky, I'd love to be a freelancer!

  3. culinary school would be so fun!

    happy wednesday!
    xo, sarah grace

  4. I would visit all my friends and family I miss so much first. Then, they would probably get tired of me, so I would spend the remaining time fixing up our house. But, if money were no object, I would go to Europe and take in all the art, architecture, and culture.

  5. Sounds great Allie! I'd love to spend more time in Spain again - lovely (and sunny! Better than Melbourne's grey rain today!) x Sunday