Friday, July 19, 2013

I've Found My Dream Bedroom

It all started with a new TV.

Every time my dad goes shopping at Costco, he stops to look at the TVs, and no matter what size he currently owns, there's always a bigger one that he wants. So after months and months of yammering on about how he needed some giant sized screen, he finally got it a few months back.

Except of course, that the old TV came with his own stand, and this new one didn't. So the new one has been resting on an old coffee table while my mom looks for the perfect piece of furniture for the TV to sit on. She'd been looking for a few months by the time I came to visit, and the two of us must have gone to every remaining furniture store on the planet.

At one store, we walked in and my mom immediately fell in love with this piece ... except that it's a side console, and only 12" deep, which is narrower than the TV stand, so of course it won't work.

The producer is Stein World, but I think it's being discontinued, because it's not up on their website anymore.

But my mom declared it the only TV stand for her, and even went so far as e-mailing the company that produced it to find out if they would make a custom unit that's twice as deep. (They won't. She also considered buying two of the exact same console and placing them back to back so it'd be wide enough for the TV. This must be who I get crazy ideas from.)

So with her dream TV stand on the backburner, we continued looking for other furniture pieces.

Now, I like pretty things, but I've never been one to looove furniture shopping or anything. I'm not too picky. But I saw this bedroom setup at a furniture store called Hemispheres, and SOMEDAY IT WILL BE MINE.

Someday when I have $4,000 to blow on bedroom furniture, that is. Nice furniture is expensive, ya'll!

Sure, there are too many tchotchkes in this fake room, and I would never own so many throw pillows (it'd take six years to make the bed every morning!), but look at those details in the wood! SWOON.

Look at that price tag! HEART ATTACK.

I do love me some oversized furniture, though. Someday...

Do you like shopping for furniture? What would your dream bedroom look like?


  1. I love shopping for furniture! Mark and I have had a blast buying a new bedroom set (including the mattress) and a new sofa for our home. My dream bedroom is pretty much what we have now, just with added accessories (like new blinds, a new comforter, curtains, throw pillows, etc). :)

    1. Ohhh I love your sleigh bed! I think my next big purchase is going to be to replace our comforter, because I hate ours! Then maybe I can tolerate our existing furniture for another couple of years until we can afford to replace it.

  2. Wow, such a pretty bedroom set! That detailing in the wood is just amazing!

  3. Pretty! My husband would never let me get something so pretty :/ I love shopping for furniture, but hate the prices! That's probably why I look at vintage stuff.