Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Place to Stay: 7F Lodge

Two years ago, after we left our wedding reception, we stayed in this adorable private cabin at 7F Lodge in south College Station. In the hubbub of cleaning up the reception area and getting the getaway truck ready, somehow my purse ended up in the wrong car, along with the leftover reception food that we had planned to eat for dinner later that night. Thankfully a family friend had thought to leave a gift basket of snacks in the truck for us so we weren't hungry, but both my phone and my camera were in my purse, so we never got any pictures of the room.

It was really cute though! And we had planned to go back for our second anniversary, but when I mentioned this to friends — even local ones — none of them had ever heard of 7F before! So I wanted to share in case anyone else ever needs a quick romantic getaway. :)

There are several themed cottages at 7F, named things like "Mexico," "Spain" and "The Hill Country Lodge," but both times we chose to stay in "France." (All the rooms look cute from their website though!)

The cool thing about this place is that you never have to see another person, unless you want to. All the check-ins are done online, and when you receive your confirmation, they tell you where you can find the key to your cabin, so all you have to do is drive up the gravel road and go inside!

There are no TVs in the rooms; instead, there are lots of reading materials that are consistent with the cabin's theme, and there was lovely French music playing. There are also robes for you to wear, and plenty of complimentary breakfast items in the mini fridge.

They keep the old guestbooks in the room, so once we'd settled in, the first thing Matt did was find the guestbook from when we were last here so we could see what we wrote! I thought that was very cool, and we signed it again so next time we can come back and remember our second anniversary. :)

The cottage was very cozy and cute, and I kind of wish that we could spend every day in this place. (Matt said, "So we wouldn't have to go to work?" Psh, no! It was just nice being together without all the noise of everyday life; it's different talking to your partner knowing you've got their full attention.)

Also, this place just feels clean. Seriously, I'm that girl that puts a towel down in the tub in hotel showers and checks the sheets meticulously for hairs and stains, but you really don't feel the need to do that stuff here. It's obviously well-maintained and cared for. The place looked exactly the same as it did when we were here two years ago.

Did I mention that it's really cute? :)

Where do you like to go for little getaways?

7F Lodge did not compensate me in any way. I just love this place and wanted to share it!


  1. I have never heard of this place! Looks like a great getaway!

  2. What a cute place, I love the different themes for the rooms!

  3. Oh wow, this looks wonderful! We're in Austin, so the drive wouldn't be that far for us. :)

    1. Not too far at all, especially for a quick weekend!

  4. This place looks adorable! Four years in College Station and numerous trips back and I'd never heard of it until just now. Have you and Matt ever been to the Messina Hof B&B in Bryan? All of the rooms are themed there as well, and it's super cute. The winery tour and tasting are a lot of fun, too!

    1. No, I didn't know about Messina Hof's B&B! I've been to their restaurant before though, and that was really good. I've still never done the wine tour!