Friday, May 24, 2013

Things to Do When You're Bored

On Wednesday, I admitted that when I'm left to my own devices, I often don't know what to do with myself. So I decided it was time to make a list of things that I can do — either alone or with a friend — when I'm bored or when Matt isn't around. Some of these may require a little more planning (or looking up what's available in your city), but some are good spur-the-moment ideas.

I'd love for you to add your ideas to the comments! Let's never be bored again! :)

• Go to an open mic night
• Look for buried treasure at a thrift store
• Play basketball/tennis/golf with a friend (or whatever sport you like!)
• Go for a walk and get lost
• Eat somewhere you've been wanting to try
• Go to a movie
• Try a totally new drink at your favorite bar
• Do something you've never done before
• Dye your hair
• Work on a craft project you've been putting off
• Catch up on a TV show or activity your partner hates
• Visit a local museum
• Take a class
• Start planning a party you can throw
• Try to recreate a dish you had at a restaurant
• Have a water-gun fight
• Volunteer
• Listen to live music
• Go salsa dancing
• Rent an old, classic movie (check your library, or find one on Netflix)
• Go stargazing
• See a comedy show
• Journal (on paper! the computer doesn't count!)
• Find a new favorite coffee shop (Starbucks doesn't count either)
• Go on a day trip to a nearby city you haven't visited before

What would you add to the list? Are you going to do any of these activities this weekend?


  1. I really like alone time, but I am a homebody, so I can attest to the success of these activities that you have mentioned- Go to a movie; Rent and old classic; Catch up on something SO hates; Eat something you love but SO hates; Volunteer; Journaling; Shopping. I do need to get out more, though, so some of these activities I will definitely need to try on my own!

    1. Yeah, I find it hard to leave the house when hubs isn't home. There's always so much bad TV to watch... heh. I am an extrovert and even I need to have reasons to leave the house!

  2. I love these! Re-create a restaurant dish? Inspired.
    My husband travels at least once a month for work, so I get left to my own devices quite a bit. I LOVE catching up on tv shows that he doesn't like, but I also love hitting up thrift stores, taking bubble baths, going to a restaurant by myself, busting out the sewing machine, etc.

    Occasionally, when he's gone for a LONG time, I'll get a wild hair and start deep-cleaning the apartment.

    1. One of the tasks I'm putting off until the next time he's out of town is to organize all our files. We kind of kept them all separate since we got married, and so we've got a file drawer, and some binders, and some paper piles all scattered all over the office and neither of us can ever find anything we need. It's going to take DAYS to fix, I can just feel it.

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