Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Friday Night

So Matt was out of town over the weekend to attend his college roommate's bachelor party, which meant Elliott and I had big plans to LIVE IT UP.

On Friday, I ate nachos for all three meals. Well, okay my nachos didn't exactly have cheese on them, so really I ate chips smothered in ground beef and pinto beans for all three meals. And I began to understand why cheese is an essential part of nachos, as it keeps all the other good things from falling off the chip. But that didn't make me want to eat cheese, so I just used a fork to help me hoover up all the fallen ingredients.

That night, I was feeling restless after I spent a few hours watching Burn Notice and painting my nails and flipping through this month's issue of Marie Claire and doing my weekly meal planning. So I decided to go, of all places, to Lowe's. When the in-laws were in town last week, they helped us re-paint our front porch, and when the numbers were removed, they kind of broke. Cheap things. So I figured it was as good a time as any to get some new ones. I spent an embarrassing amount of time crouching on the floor and deciding what to get — some of the fonts were really ugly, and some of them were too small and shiny, and some of them were gigantic and cheap-looking. I had to lay out all possible color and font combinations until I found one I could live with.

Since my trip to Lowe's wasn't that exciting, I was still bored when I got back home. I decided that I should go to bed early and get my beauty sleep. I moisturized and everything! And then I watched a few episodes of Friends, because it was on TV and it's nice to have the TV on when you're home alone so the house isn't just dead silent.

So my opportunity to LIVE IT UP ended up with me just being bored and trying to find an excitement that eluded me. And I am a little disappointed that I wasn't able to think of something exciting and new to do. But all in all, it was really nice having time to relax, get a few things done, finish a book I'd been working on for a while, and get a lot of sleep. I suppose there are just some days where it's okay to not have adventures.

What do you do when your significant other isn't home?


  1. I was hoping for aome ideas... My spouse is going on a fishing trip this weeekend. I'm so lame I can't think of anything to do or anyone to do it with... Perhaps a trip to Boston alone to walk the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum?

    1. I'm sorry that this wasn't more helpful! If I'm already bored I have a hard time thinking of ideas, so maybe I need to write a list of things to do so I won't be so lame next time! :)

      Are there things in the area that you've been wanting to do that your spouse wouldn't be interested in? Local museums or parks or events? Any craft projects you've been meaning to work on? A solo trip would be nice too - that's one of the things I hope to do someday!

    2. Here's an article I found today about traveling alone.

    3. Thanks Allie! I am thinking about a museum tour, even though my husband loves them too. I'm sure he won't be too upset missing a museum we have visited together already.
      I always think of these great (ie: cheap) things to do when I'm busy and then when I have nothing to do, I can't think of one. Like you I should start jotting them down when I come up with a spectacular idea.

  2. I so bad at finding fun things to do when I'm alone, but eating nachos for every meal sounds like a wonderful place to start!

  3. Haha this sounds EXACTLY like my alone time. Sometimes I get motivated and go for a run, but most of the time I'll watch trashy TV, eat junk food, paint my nails, and read a lot. If we had a dog I'd probably spend a lot of time at the dog park. We just decided to repaint the outside of our house navy blue, so that's going to keep me busy while Dara's offshore for the next few weeks haha :)