Friday, March 15, 2013

Tray Deux

Just in case you hadn't heard, Google is shutting down its Reader service in a couple of months. If you are currently following through Google Reader and are now looking for a new RSS feeder, there are some options listed in this article. I hope you can find a new option that works for you; you guys are really important to me, and I hope this transition can be relatively simple so we can continue to hang out every week. :) Now to the real post!


Remember when I updated this lovely tray?

It has been sitting on our living room coffee table for months, holding a few of our coffee-table books, wedding flowers, and remotes. And despite us eating dinner on the coffee table almost every single night, we've never once had any issues.

Until the other night, when I accidentally spilled a full cup of water on it. (I also dropped some fajitas on my phone a few minutes later, and when I relayed this story to my dad he said, "Well, you have always been a clumsy eater." Psh!)

So I immediately pulled the books up and tried to prevent any damage to them, and the water sat in the tray for a little longer than was probably good for it. The scrapbook paper started crinkling up, water was collecting in the corners and I had to sop it all up, so I just tore the paper out, and it was sad looking.

With Matt's parents and my mom and sister coming to visit within a three-day span, I had to get it fixed quick and get our living room back together. So I dug through my scrapbook box until I found two identical sheets of patterned paper that would look decent in our crimson, sage and beige living room.

The paper is actually a little greener than it looks in the photos.

I cut the paper down to size and used some new scrapbook squares to stick it down. I may even like this iteration more than the original!

Pop the dried books and flowers and 'motes back on, and our house is visitor-ready! Well, kind of. It will be after I clean the office/guest room.

Anyone else have to re-do their projects as often as we seem to? And is anyone else super clumsy?


  1. I actually think the sage looks nicer than the red! Nice and spring-y for the weather change too. :)

    1. Oooh, there's an idea - changing it out for different seasons!

  2. It looks great! And, I'm glad to know that we aren't the only ones that eat at our coffee table every night :)