Monday, February 18, 2013

What The Weekend Looked Like

We left a trail of destruction as we worked on our new! improved! countertop. Worst project ever. We're about halfway done with the whole renovation though, so those eight-plus hours of staining and cementing and sawing and polyurethane-ing weren't totally in vain.

Matt and I kept our Valentine's Day celebration low-key (he made us an excellent steak dinner and we swapped cards on Thursday), and over the weekend I helped host a Valentine's girls night, complete with a White Elephant chick-flick swap and Magic Mike.

Oh, and cat wine. And way too much dessert. Mmmmm.

How was your weekend? Anyone else go to a Valentine's Day party?


  1. Can't wait to see how the countertop turns out!

  2. That looks wonderful! I can't wait to see the countertop!

  3. What a cute idea for a gift exchange! What movie did you get?!

    1. I got "Just Like Heaven." I can't remember if I've seen it before or not!