Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things I Like: Fall Clothes

I'm so looking forward to breaking out my fall/winter wardrobe! It's still in the mid-90s in Texas, but the other day it was 82 and windy, and it felt so gorgeous and cool outside. (I know that's sad, but it's true.) I can't wait to break out a few of the pieces I bought in March as the winter/spring clothing was being phased out; I didn't even get to wear some of them before it got too hot!

In the meantime, here are a few "dream items" I would love to add to my closet this fall.

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1) Cargo vest
I've seen these on pretty much every fashion blog recently, and didn't think it was a trend I would be getting on board with. That is, until I saw how versatile they can be (via). Now I'm kind of obsessed with finding one. Unfortunately, most of the ones I've seen online came from Old Navy, and are no longer available.

2) Black flat boots
I've wanted black flat boots for a while, since all my boots have heels on them. While I looooove my heeled boots, they are not conducive to walking more than short distances. I've yet to find a pair of flat boots that I'm totally in love with yet, though.

3) Colorful maxi skirt
I've been obsessed with this dress-as-skirt since I first saw it, and have been looking for something similar ever since. (And it's been like a year.) I will get my hands on something like it someday. I love the colors in that Rag & Bone skirt (3a), but the price is a little ... okay, really freakin' steep.

4) Hot pink skinny jeans
I know hot pink was more of a summer color than a fall one, but it's is my all-time favorite color. I saw these jeans one day and have wanted them ever since. But apparently blush jeans are in higher demand than hot-pink, because I can't. find. this. color. anywhere. (I'm also aware that these are super close in color to the red jeans I already have ... but red is not pink!)

5) A purse
How specific, I know. :) Really, purses are one of those I'll-know-it-when-I-see-it type of items. The last new purse I had, my sister got me for Christmas 2011. I used it for nine straight months, and it got a big rip on the top of it, so I got rid of it. Since then, I've been dusting off old purses I've had for years, and none of them are quite striking my fancy right now. I'd love one in a neutral color with some kind of accent details, like the studded purse above.

What items are you loving for fall?

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