Monday, September 10, 2012

Because I'm Obsessed With Lists

I've wanted to add a lot of new items to my Life List lately. It could be because last time I was updating it, Blogger ate the entire list and so I was scrambling to remember what was already on it and what things I had completed. Obviously, the things I thought were important made it back on the list, and if anything wasn't, it was long forgotten.

In the mean time, I had a few things that weren't previously on the list that I now want to add, as well as some things that I need to give up.


Take a last-minute trip. As in, buy a plane ticket Friday and leave Monday.

Read through the Christian Bible in one year. I've read through it once before, but it took me a super long time and I am pretty embarrassed by how little I remember of it. Obviously I would wait until I was done with the 52 Books challenge, since that's already eating up a good amount of my reading time.

• Take a biking or walking journey. My mother-in-law was telling me this weekend about a walking path that goes across a whole bunch of European countries at a total of 500 miles. I forget the name of it. But I've heard plenty of stories of biking across the United States or crossing a foreign country on foot, and it just sounds crazy enough to be fun.


Tried and failed. I would love to continue to work on these, but I will not consider my life a failure if I don't complete these items.

Zero-waste week. The point of a zero-waste week is to try to throw away as little as possible, using resources like composting and recycling to avoid putting things in landfills. I tried to do this during my vegan week, since I figured I would be eating less processed and packaged foods. Despite my best intents, it wasn't going to work; the recycling facilities in our town are not the best (they don't take that thin, cereal-box-style cardboard or paper grocery bags or green glass!) and I found myself fretting over everything I had to throw away because there just wasn't an easy way to compost or recycle. It was supposed to be a fun, earth-saving challenge, not an anxiety-producing one.

Learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver. I built my business' website in Dreamweaver, but I still don't understand how I managed to make that happen (and now have no idea how to update anything but the text). I would still like to learn how to use the program/CSS/HTML, but at this point I would have to take a class — or maybe lots of classes — in order to figure it out. It's confusing!

Have you decided to undertake any new adventures?


  1. I like your additions! I've always always always wanted to take a super spontaneous vacation - that's on my list too!

    1. It's kind of funny, I keep wanting to do all these crazy trips, and Matt's advisor told him he can't take any more vacation time until he finishes his Ph.D.!