Monday, September 24, 2012

It Was A Busy Summer

I had to create a list of all the flavors of Bluebell in my phone, because every time I get to HEB and stand in front of the ice cream case, I can't seem to remember which flavors I've tried and which ones I've just seen 1000 times (and therefore tried through osmosis?). I needed a way to keep track. So the other day, I wanted to see how far I'd gotten in my quest to try every Bluebell flavor, and counted 'em up. And I was really surprised that I've already tried half of their ice cream flavors.* (I'd be more than halfway, but they keep adding new flavors.)

So far, I have been pleasantly surprised, even by ones I thought I wouldn't like. I was always grossed out as a kid when my sister would buy Cotton Candy ice cream, but Bluebell's is actually really light and not super sugary, so I enjoyed it. I don't like cake batter frozen yogurt at our regular yogurt place, but Bluebell's Birthday Cake was basically just ice cream with chunks of cake in it, and you know how much I love cake.

I've only tried two so far that I really DID NOT like.

Ya'll, I may be a Southern girl, but I've never been a fan of peach cobbler. So I don't know what I was expecting with Peach Cobbler ice cream, but it was the only time in my entire life I bought ice cream, took a few bites, and put it back in the freezer and told Matt he could have the rest. UNHEARD OF. It had chunks of peaches and whatever the cobbler part is made out of, and I think the ice cream itself might have been peach-flavored as well.

Aside from my dislike of cutesy alliteration, the Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream was just sickeningly sweet. Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite flavor of all time, so I had such high expectations for this. Ultimately, it took me about a week to get through the whole pint, because I couldn't eat more than a few bites at a time. (It's sugar-cookie dough in cake batter ice cream.)

Do you like any unusual flavors of ice cream? What flavors do you not like?

*I've tried 27 out of 54 flavors. Most of them are listed on Bluebell's website, but I have found a few flavors not listed on the website, and I'm counting those as well.


  1. I usually stick with our go to Strawberry or Summer Berries if we're buying the larger size, but I like to change it up with the pints to try some different flavors like Banana Split. I need to try some more!

    1. I still haven't bought any of the half-gallons yet, but I'm running out of pints to try! I'm afraid I'll buy a big one and won't like it!
      But Banana Split is awesome. I would buy gallons of that!