Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Super Bored of My Hair

Remember when I got a pixie cut? That was fun for a while. But now, I am SO BORED of my hair.

I'm trying to grow it out now. It is taking FOREVER. And it is not very pretty. The longer it gets, the more bobby pins I have to use to make it look semi-attractive. But I can't get it trimmed, because then it will take a billion years to get long and pretty again.

In college whenever I got bored of my hair — which was often — some friends and I would buy boxes of dye and spend the whole evening changing our hair colors. I've home-dyed it every possible shade of red and brown over the past six years, and now I'm bored of those too.

I never did the whole dye-your-hair-a-ridiculous-color thing in high school or college, and I think I'm overdue. I was looking on the Sally's website since I'd seen bright dye colors there before, and I found these semi-permanent hues. Only problem now is, I can't decide what color to go with!

What do you think: magenta, fuschia or teal? What would you choose for yourself?


  1. Oh man, you are brave! I'd probably go with teal because it's the furthest departure from red/brown.

    And, FWIW, I recommend taking a daily multivitamin and getting regular trims - those seem to be the only things within my control to help coax my tips to keep growing as healthily and quickly as possible!

    1. Good point, I didn't think about difference from my normal color!

  2. I agree with Jill, teal is the furthest away from your natural colour, so if you want a little more subtle, go with the magenta, or for screamin' awesome hair, go teal. :)

    One of my bridesmaids had a fuschia streak in her black hair for the wedding, and I LOVED the look.

    1. Aaah now I want to dye it black and pink! Hmmmm.