Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Outfit That Made Me Laugh for Seriously Like 10 Minutes

Matt is graduating with his master's degree this weekend, so yesterday he picked up his cap and gown. He tried it on when I got home from church last night, and immediately stuck his hands in these weird sleeve pouch things. I found it absolutely hilarious and laughed for about 10 minutes solid, and demanded that he let me take a picture and show it to you. There are actual sleeve holes too, but these pouch sleeves hang down weird no matter how you put the robe on.

Psh, you don't need your hands in order to get your diploma!

Then we couldn't figure out how to put on the colorful hood to make the colors show properly because there's too much weird fabric on that too. And then Matt complained about the hat being too small, and told me a story about how he had the biggest head in the eighth grade when his class had to measure their heads. (I don't remember why they had to measure their heads. Something about plotting graphs, and his was all the way to the side, and his teacher was like, someone did that math wrong, but nope he just has a big head.)

Matt drew me a picture of what this head graph looked like.

You would think a couple of college-educated folks would be able to figure out something as simple as an outfit, but we're stumped. I hope someone at this graduation knows how to put everything together so it doesn't look totally ridiculous.

Are you an expert on putting together graduation robes? We need help. Also, did anyone else have to measure their heads in middle school? I never had to. This seems like a weird activity.


  1. LOL! I don't remember having trouble putting on my graduation robe, but I do remember on the day of the ceremony they were handing out plastic garbage bags for us to wear under the gowns, because it was looking like rain, and they were afraid the blue dye would ruin everyone's clothes!

    And I'm pretty sure I've never had to measure my head before. Such a weird class exercise!

  2. Yay Matt. Now how much longer for that PhD? hehe. We had fun w/ my Matt's robes and stuff. they were interesting. I don't think he had weird sleeve things though, we will have to pull it out and see. I've never had to measure my head in class before, but we have tried to weigh ours with our good friends. Our friend Ryan has a big head and so we all "tried" to weigh them and see who's head was the heaviest, and he won. I don't think it was exactly precise, but hey we had a good laugh. Have fun this wknd at the graduation.

  3. Ha! Yeah, we've always given him a hard time about his big head/big brain, but I don't remember why they measured his head circumference... although I totally believe the results. :) My Master's robe had those weird "non-sleeves" too - I think it's supposed to look more fancy. Can't wait to see it in person!