Monday, March 5, 2012

Things I Like: Crock Pots

Maybe "Like" isn't a strong enough word. I LOVE Crock Pots.

I enjoy cooking by other means, but mainly I just like cooking things in my Crock Pot. (Did you know you can cook fish in the Crock in individual foil packets? And desserts?) Every time I find a new recipe online, I try to find ways to modify it so it will work in the Crock Pot. It's just such a convenient and easy method.

Here are a couple of my favorite Crock Pot recipes.

If given the choice, Matt would probably eat the entire pot in one sitting. No joke. It's that good.

I made this for Christmas dinner this year. And I also made it all the time in college, because ham feeds a lot of people, and we were all really poor.

It's not spring yet! Make this before it gets too warm!

One of the other great things about cooking this way is that you'll have a LOT of food when you're done. You can freeze it in individual containers*, and just a quick thaw overnight equals awesome lunch the next day!

Debating whether you should put a Crock Pot on your registry? DO IT. Yours is collecting dust in the cabinet? GET THAT SUCKER OUT. And either use it or send it to me.

Do you like using the Crock Pot? What are your favorite recipes?

*Note: Ham doesn't freeze well. Invite friends over for dinner that night.


  1. I adore my crock pot! It makes life so much easier!

  2. I finally own my first crock pot but (shocker!) I haven't gotten around to using it yet! You've inspired me. :)

  3. My husband brought one home and I never opened it, but I want to. I need to get some recipes and test it out.